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Koenigsegg Agera R sports the world’s fastest roof box

Koenigsegg Agera R image5 800x480px
Koenigsegg Agera R with Roof Box | €tba |

a roof box is the last thing you will associate with a supercar, but here it is the Koenigsegg Agera R with a roof box. however, being a Koenigsegg, you wouldn’t expect just any roof box, would you? it is a super light weight Lightning Roof Box from Thule, made from carbon fiber and tested to ensure it can take the punishment of 300 km/h high speed. sweet. now, you can drive this car across Europe and still able to bring along all your necessities or, for shopaholics, it means more storage for your insane acquisitions. Continue reading Koenigsegg Agera R sports the world’s fastest roof box

what follows this DeLorean is another DeLorean hot on its heel

Delorean with DeLorean Trailer 544x311px
(image credit: Gizmodo)

this an example of making good use of spares. spotted on the road was a DeLorean DMC-12 with, what appeared to be another DMC-12 hot on its heels but it turns out be a trailer that was created out of the DeLorean spares. this could be an idea too late as Doc could have use this extra space to tow back the stuff he collected from the future. right, Doc? Doc, you reading this? i was blessed to have the opportunity to sit inside of this fine brushed stainless steel example a couple of years ago and it delights me to see a trailer version too. though, i probably won’t be able to own one (the car and the trailer) myself. check out the license plate on the trailer ‘De Tail‘…hmmm i like! Continue reading what follows this DeLorean is another DeLorean hot on its heel

ever wonder how does the world’s first hybrid auto looks like?

Porsche Semper Vivus 544x399px
(image credit: Porsche)

curious car tech enthusiasts might be wondering when was the first hybrid automobile ever built? apparently, it turns out to be Porsche and it was in the year 1900. dubbed the ‘Semper Vivus‘ (‘always alive’), this serial hybrid drive automobile has two engines charging the batteries and the Porsche electric hub motors provides the drive power. check out the protruding hub at the front wheels. well, i supposed it looks kind of futuristic for a piece of 1900s machine, albeit still looking like a horse carriage in general. it took Porsche four years to recreate this ground breaking innovation by Ferdinard Porsche and since its recreation, it has graced the recent Geneva Motor Show. the recreated Semper Vivus is destined to be part of the collection in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Continue reading ever wonder how does the world’s first hybrid auto looks like?

Manta is a three-wheel amphibious electric concept vehicle

Manta Amphibious Vehicle by David Cardoso Loureiro image4 600x420px

another concept that draws our attention, however, being a concept, it may not necessary be practical. so let’s just bear that in mind when we are viewing a concept. the Manta is a three-wheel amphibious personal transport designed to run on a pair of electric motors driving the rear wheels. the rear wheels also doubles as the vehicle’s propulsion when in water. the sports wheels are designed to be real working propellers, so when the rear wheels are turned 90 degree, the wheels becomes the propeller for the vehicle. each wheel would be individually powered, which in theory, could enable steering of the vehicle in the water. but i would imagine the huge turning radius it would make. being independently powered means some form of synchronization has to be in place to ensure that both wheels are traveling at the same speed when traveling on land. nevertheless, the idea and the aesthetic is great. i will take two! Continue reading Manta is a three-wheel amphibious electric concept vehicle

Shayton Equilibrium: one for the power hungry connoisseur

Shayton Equilibrium main 544x338px
(image credit: PROVOCO) Shayton Equilibrium Supercar | about €1 million |

we try to resist posting such an alluring supercar but the magnetism of the Shayton Equilibrium denies us the power of resistance. alas, our resistance is futile and our will bent, crumpled to the ground as we drool over the beauty and power of the Shayton Equilibrium. the Shayton Equilibrium is a supercar destined to pit its sheer power and performance numbers against the likes of Bugatti, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Continue reading Shayton Equilibrium: one for the power hungry connoisseur

Gucci lends its designer touch to the iconic Fiat 500 car

500 by Gucci 544x311px
(image credit: Fiat) 500 by Gucci | from €17,000.00 |

no, 500 hundred is not a sequel to the movie 300 but it’s a Fiat 500 car pimped out by legendary designer brand Gucci. Gucci creative director Frida Giannini collaborates with Fiat’s design office to customize this iconic Fiat vehicle which comes in glossy black or white. the car is accented with Gucci distinctive green and red strip, including the exterior, the seats, gearshift, carpet and seat-belts. in case, your don’t know it’s a Gucci-pimped out ride, there is the iconic Gucci interlocking ‘GG’ slapped on the hubcaps and car seats’ headrests, and topped off with cursive Gucci signature on the tailgate as well as the door pillars for good measure. Continue reading Gucci lends its designer touch to the iconic Fiat 500 car

Morgan Motor’s modern take on its classic 3-Wheeler

Morgan Motor 3-Wheeler 544x311px
(image credit: Morgan Motor Co.) Morgan 3-Wheeler | £25,000.00 |

travel back in time with this modern take of the first ever vehicle built by British automaker, Morgan Motor – the 3-Wheeler. it was considered an oddity when it first appeared in 1909 and it’s still an oddity by today’s standard. heck, it is odd when it has only three wheels and no roof! with cars growing in physical size, it is certainly odd to be seeing such as diminutive vehicle taking on the road once again. i for one, will be in constant paranoid of being run over by the bigger SUVs on the road. Continue reading Morgan Motor’s modern take on its classic 3-Wheeler

Ferrari releases new official Ferrari FF video [video]

Ferrari FF official video 544p
(credit: screenshot by mike from official Ferrari FF video)

if you haven’t already heard, Ferrari has unveiled the official Ferrari FF video during its web unveiling last week. up until last week, what we have were sparse information and a few images to satisfy our curiosity about the first four wheel drive and four seater Ferrari. the video takes audience on a journey with the Ferrari FF going through a variety of scenic drive and terrains that most of people wouldn’t dream of doing. well, maybe in a dream, yes but in a high-end machine like the FF? definitely, no. the drive also take viewers to the world’s first Ferrari Theme Park in Abu Dhabi. pretty awesome video. check out the video after the break. Continue reading Ferrari releases new official Ferrari FF video

1995 Batman Forever promotional Batmobile up for grab

Batman Forever promotional Batmobile main 544x328px
(image credit: Auctions America) 1995 Batman Forever promotional Batmobile | US$200,000 to $275,000 |

well, you may not be able to own the Batmobile Tumbler until Bob decided to put it up for sale but here’s one road-worthy Batmobile you can truly own (besides the official licensed 60s replica, of course). built as a promotional vehicle for Warner Brothers’ 1995 Batman Forever, this awesome example made its way around the world to promote the film and its next stop might be just any regular folks’ garage. this running and driving batmobile features a custom tubular chassis and a fiberglass body which cost a reported 2.5 million dollars. Continue reading 1995 Batman Forever promotional Batmobile up for grab

Smart Forspeed Concept gets an ‘e-nitrous’ boost

Smart Forspeed Concept main 544x386px
(image credit: Daimler/SMART)

ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, Smart unveils its concept performance EV in the form of the Forspeed. the intriguing part of the Forspeed is has, or rather it does not have what most cars have – its missing a roof, side windows, external door handles and it has a low wind reflector in place of the traditional windscreen. Continue reading Smart Forspeed Concept gets an ‘e-nitrous’ boost