Caviar Phone’s Super Luxe iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius Costs At Least $70K

If a starting price of $999 for an iPhone 11 Pro is not by any measure a luxury to you and you considered solid gold, diamonds and perhaps, even a mechanical watch complication, as true measures of luxury, well then, Caviar Phone has just the right iPhone for you.

Purism Librem 5: A Smartphone For Those Who Takes Their Digital Privacy Seriously

If you are super serious about digital privacy, like paranoia-level kind of serious, you shouldn’t be using “conventional” laptop and smartphone. You should be looking at devices that are built from the ground up to safeguard your digital lifestyle and safeguarding your digital lifestyle is exactly what Purism Librem laptops and smartphone do.

Austrian Pollix Hits Up Kickstarter With Its First Smartwatch For €99

If battery life is what deters you from picking up a smartwatch, here’s a new entrant in the market that may change your mind. Coming from Pollix GmbH is the Pollix Smartwatch which claims to do everything a smartwatch does with over 10 days of battery life.