Huawei Mate Xs 2 Is A Folding Phone: No Leica, And It’s Still 4G

Most folding phones so far shared the same dual-screen setup. Only the pioneer of folding phone, Royole – which we heard is in financial trouble now – did it differently with a single screen setup that folds with the screen facing outside. Then in 2020, Huawei followed suit with the Mate Xs folding phone. Two …

You Can Experience Nothing Phone (1) First With Nothing Launcher (Beta)

Are you curious about what could be the most anticipated phone of the year, the Nothing Phone (1)? While it is still too early to even know what the phone will look like, Nothing is offering you a chance to experience the phone – so to speak – through its beta Nothing Launcher.

Black Shark 5 Series Gaming Smartphones: Gaming-focused, Flagship Specs For Less

After playing Apex Legends Mobile for a week, I am beginning to think that I should probably use a gaming phone so that I will be a little frustrated with the framerates and the overall graphics performance. OK. Or maybe the new iPhone. Thankfully, there is no lack of gaming-centric smartphones that aren’t iPhones. Xiaomi’s …

Red Magic x Transformers Gaming Smartphones And Accessories Unveiled

Red Magic has just concluded the official reveal of the Red Magic x Transformers collaborations. To call it a Red Magic x Transformers Gaming Smartphone would not be appropriate because this collab extends beyond phones to include a bunch of optional accessories.

This Is Vivo X Fold, Vivo’s First Folding Phone That Has Barely Visible Crease Lines

Another phone maker has joined the small but prestige folding phone market. And I am glad that there is a growing number of folding phones. Hopefully, with more competition, the folding lines will be a thing of the past. Speaking of less or no crease lines on a folding phone, Vivo’s first folding phone, the …

DOOGEE S98 Is Available To Order Now At A Special Price Of US$239

The strangely classy rugged smartphone we told you about last week, the DOOGEE S98, is available for pre-orders today. We need to tell you this right now because we just received news that it is, for a limited time, going for US$239 on AliExpress. The price will revert to the original price of US$339 after …

Honor Magic4 Ultimate Edition: Gunning For The High-end Smartphone Market

Once upon a time, Honor was a subbrand of Huawei that sold affordable midrange smartphones, tablets, and laptops. That was then. Since becoming an independent brand in November 2020, it is far from being a mid-range device maker. Of late, the company has been going high-end with its Magic range, which includes a folding phone.

Xiaomi Redmi K50 Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Gaming Phone

There are fast phones and then there is a fast phone that wants you to know it is fast through an exclusive co-branding with a Formula 1 race team. Because, you know, F1 is fast. Get it? Get it? The Xiaomi Redmi K50 Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Gaming Phone, aka the Redmi K50 Champion Edition, is …

Nothing’s First Smartphone, phone (1), Promised To Save Us From Non-innovation

Over the decades, there were several milestones in consumer electronics that made this industry vibrant and exciting. Milestones like the invention of the first cell phone, the first consumer PC, and the first capacitive touch smartphone are some examples.