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Royal Albartross Black Jack Bianco: who says golf shoes has to be boring?

Royal Albartross Black Jack Bianco 544px
(photo credit: Royal Albartross Black Jack Bianco | £345 |

you can be sure when you see a brand name with the word ‘royal’ in it: it’s either very exclusive or it will takes an arm and a leg to buy it. well, the Black Jack Bianco from Royal Albartross is the former, but as for the latter, it depends on your financial status. i am pretty sure Tiger Woods has no qualm about getting one pair just like that.

the shoes’ upper is of water resistant leather uppers which soft and supple and requires no breaking-in. you know how leathers are like. so it’s a good thing that the leather don’t start eating your feet on the golf course. the interior features soft and breathable linings without any stitching which may cause discomfort to the wearer.

asides from its materials and quality, the design of the Black Jack Bianco definitely let you extrude a sense of classic in a gentlemen game. get the white. i don’t think black and gloss black are going to be anywhere outstanding. i am serious.

cooking up to the sound of DAB: DUALIT DAB Lite Radio

Dualit DAB Lite 544px
(photo credit: DUALIT DAB Lite Radio | approx. US$194 |

if you think cooking and music can’t go together. think again. the DUALIT DAB Lite Radio features a 6-watt, 3-inch speaker with a in-built charger so that you can cook up a storm in the kitchen while listening to any of the 20 preset stations.

of course, you can use it anywhere but with a 99 minute kitchen egg timer as part of its feature, why would you use it anywhere else? having a BBQ party? lug the DUALIT DAB Lite outdoor and the rechargeable NiMH battery has enough juice to power it for the day on one single charge. it can also run off 6 x AA batteries (not included) or via the mains.

among the features include bass port for rich sound, alarm with snooze & sleep options, 3.5mm headphones jack – all these clad in a sexy contemporary chrome body with a LCD white on blue display (which automatically dims to save power). well, i gotta say the DUALIT DAB Lite is definitely an eye-candy but my worry is… it’s going to be a fingerprint magnet.

serving up the music without busting your wallet: Olive O3HD Music Server

Olive O3HD Music Server 544px

Olive O3HD Music Server | US$999 |

when Olive O4HD was introduced last year, it was a range topping music server that was beyond the reach of many. now Olive introduces the O3HD, basically its an entry level music server for audiophiles who don’t have such a deep pocket to dig in. folks who are less technically incline will be glad to know that O3HD is a ‘plug and play’ music server. no complicated configurations. if you know how to hook up a standard CD player, you will know how to hook up this machine.

operations of the O3HD is via a 4.3-inch wide-aspect ratio touchscreen which we should be all-so familiar, thanks to Apple. the O3HD features a 500GB hard drive which should be good for 1,500 CDs or 5,000 HD Tracks. the hard drive incorporates a 4-layer noise-canceling padding and the whole system is fan-less, thus giving a virtually noiseless operation.

input department comes in a form of TEAC CDRW which imports and plays music CDs and also burn music, MP3 and data CDs. the O3HD features 24-bit/192Khz High Resolution Cirrus Logic Digital-to-Analog-Converter (DAC) that handles up-sampling so audiophiles can experience higher quality music than the original CDs.

with the O3HD, there is only one audio out – which is the RCA connector. there is no video out or any digital audio outputs. however, it has a USB 1.1/2.0 port and gigabit Ethernet connectivity. connecting to the Internet via the gigabit Ethernet port, allows you to access a myriad of Internet Radio stations carefully compiled by Olive. the O3HD also support simultaneous streaming to multiple rooms. supported audio formats include WAV, FLAC, MP3 and AAC.

design and concept wise, the Olive O3HD is definitely up on the chart of cool-factor but browsing through the thousands of music via a tiny touchscreen can be rather tedious. just think about searching for an artist without keyboards.

Olive O3HD - Front 544px
Olive O3HD - 4.3-inch touchscreen and the slot-in TEAC CDRW drive
Olive O3HD - Back 544px
Olive O3HD - power switch, power connector, RCA connector, USB port and Gigabit Ethernet port
Olive O3HD - Top 544px
Olive O3HD - view from the top. those wordings are a nice touch but might not appeal to all.

luxurious sound for your ears: Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones

Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones 544px
(photo credit: Bowers & Wilkins P5 | US$299.99 |

instead of going all plasticky with a pair of cans, this pair from Bowers & Wilkins are made of New Zealand sheep’s leather and metal. that means they are sheep’s skin going into the making of this pair of cans. animal rights won’t be quite please to hear this though. that aside, the B&W P5 certainly look stunningly beautiful.

the P5 was designed by team led by Morten Warren, the man behind the beautiful Zeppelin sound dock. the P5 is supplied with two cables, one of which is the MFI cable. the MFI cable provides extra functionality such as track changing and volume control for users of Apple IPod and iPhone. the MFI cable also enable answering of calls when used with iPhones.

if only every part of life sounds this beautiful…

sweet audition: Pioneer XW-NAS5 dock for iPod/iPhone

Pioneer XW-NAS5 Dock 544px
(photo credit: Pioneer XW-NAS5 Dock | S$699.00 |

Pioneer has several docks for iPod and iPhones but this audition series dock looks the most stunning. the XW-NAS5 is a 2.1-Channel Speaker System with two 15 watts front facing speakers and a 30 watts down-firing subwoofer. it is Bluetooth-ready for wireless music transmission from A2DP profile Bluetooth-enabled PCs and mobile phones (requires an adapter).

the XW-NAS5 is certified with “Made for iPod” and “Works with iPhone” which means it will work with any recent models of iPod and iPhones. some docks go the analog way but the XW-NAS5 features a true digital connection to your iPod and iPhones. if going wireless via Bluetooth is your choice, then there’s a good news: it will work with A2DP enabled mobiles including iPhone, Blackberry, Android handsets and other smartphone.

other features include a double-isolated enclosure that eliminates cabinet resonance, FM radio with 10 presets, ambient soundscapes and LED clock with alarm functions. this metallic silver clad sound dock has a credit-card sized remote. connectivity include component and composite video out, mini-stereo plug and Bluetooth adapter port.

not only we have tons of iPad cases going around, looks like sound docks are plentiful too. we are just so lucky, don’t you think so? the only thing left to do now is to consult our wallets.

fashion statement with personal 3D glasses: LOOK3D glasses

LOOK3D realD 3D glasses 544px
(image credit: glasses | US$tbc |

everyone is going 3D these days – everything from cinema to home theater system to camera. 3D has never seen such a rage before (still remember JAWS 3D?), until now. since everything is going to be 3D, why not grab a pair of personal 3D glasses? having your own pair means no nasty surprises if the cinema didn’t get those 3D glasses cleaned properly.

LOOK3D has a huge collections of 3D glasses – with a fashion statement. there are the “designer collection”, the “movie collection”, the “directors collection” and last but not least, the “disposable”. it caters to all forms and taste, ranging from retro-chic to funky-styled. go ahead, take your pick.

the LOOK3D glasses are compatible with any cinema using RealD 3D technology. no words on the prices though. strangely, on their website’s main page, there’s a “out top selling frames”. may i ask, top selling to who? in anyway, there’s an upcoming online store to watch for.

burning desires: TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons

TaylorMade Burner 2.0 9 Iron 544px
TaylorMade Burner 2.0 | US$700 (Steel) ; US$900 (Graphite) |

if you are a golfer looking for style and performance, you might want to check out the latest irons to join the TaylorMade family – the Burner 2.0 Irons. design-wise it’s undoubtedly beautiful (and sometime futuristic-looking) and on top of being aesthetically pleasing, careful thoughts were put into designing of this new set of irons.

in summary, the Burner 2.0 Irons has a size progression from the longest irons having the largest heads, thickest top-lines and widest soles; and the short irons have the narrower top-lines and sole widths. every club has its own unique center of gravity (CG). for example, a longer irons would have a CG which is lower and further to back of the club head to give distance, while the shorter irons (such as the 9 iron) would have higher CG to enable easier flight. generally the Burner 2.0 Irons has club-faces that are thinner than its predecessor, which results in delivery of faster ball speed and higher flight.

would it be as forgiving as its predecessor? well, gotta head down the shop, take a demo and see how these clubs work for a fairway-digger like me.

TaylorMade Burner 2.0 PW Iron 544px

(photo credit:

spying with fashion: ThinkGeek electronic spy camera shirt

ThinkGeek Electronic Spy Camera Shirt 544px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) Electronic Spy Camera Shirt | US$39.99 |

i hardly think anyone would dream to be James Bond in this era. just in case you still do and you don’t have a Mr. Q to churn up wonderful spy gadgets, you can start it off with the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt.

basically, it is a cotton tee with a camera behind it, at your chest level. with a retro-chic looking graphic that speaks ‘From Tokyo with Love’ and a what looks like James Bond character (we are sure, it’s just a coincidence) in his suit with a camera held to his eye. don’t underestimate the camera that Mr. Bond is holding on to. behind it is a real spy camera that can take up 150 still images of 640 x 480 resolution. Continue reading spying with fashion: ThinkGeek electronic spy camera shirt

zipping up for a neat and tidy day – Zip Bed

Florida Furniture Zip Bed 544px
(photo source: Florida Zip Bed | US$tbc |

not everything we post here will touch everyone’s heart. agree? example: not everyone uses an iPad, therefore iPad’s accessories mean nothing to this group. however, we think this product will be different and in fact, we think it will get the nods from everyone – making your bed every morning. a seemingly minute task that can be such a dread especially when you are rushing to work.

Florida Furniture has a bed that will make making your bed in the morning a thing of the past. it’s a bed with zipper, aptly named ‘Zip Bed‘. how’s that for easy understanding? you can’t zip and keep the bed per say but you can zip up the bed.. oh what i am talking. basically, you wake up and zip up the bed with a cover (keeping the mess underneath) and when it’s time to hit the bed, just unzip it and hop on to the cozy bed that comes complete with comforter, sheets and pillow.

the Zip Bed comes in white, gray or navy blue options for the base, and you have a choice of colors for the interior as well. hmmm, but wouldn’t we be zipping up already?

Florida Furniture Zip Bed - zipped up 544px
Florida Furniture Zip Bed - unzipping 544px
Florida Furniture Zip Bed - unzipped 544px

via Trendir and Gizmag

Popular Mechanics Interactive App goes Live!

Popular Mechanics Interactive Magazine 544px
Popular Mechanics Interactive | App (Free) / US$3.99 per issue |

Popular Mechanics is probably THE magazine for every geeks and tech-heads. the pilot issue on iPad, introduced in Summer 2010, served as a test-bed for it’s final released this October on the Apple Appstore. Popular Mechanics gathered readers’ opinion and suggestion (based on the pilot issue) and finally, released this monthly e-zine.

being a reader of the Popular Mechanics Interactive – Pilot Issue reader on iPad, i must say i was rather impressed and excited at the same time. one of the key features of e-zine is the power to create interactive media, instead of the traditional static print pages. even ads can be interactive, which, in commercial stand-point, is an added selling point. empowered with interactivity, the magazine can now show animation of, example, the cause of earthquake.

Basically, PM is being delivered inside a shell app, which you can download for free. Inside are a Library for storing issues you own, and a store for you to buy new issues. as an added bonus, there’s also a News Feed (free!) department. we already seen several publishers using shell app, such as the How Stuff Works e-magazine. shell app allows users to organize multiple issues into a single app, instead of scattering individual icons all over the iPad desktop.

i have read a few other e-zine on iPad but so far, only PM integrates more interactive media within. personally, i thought it is pretty much useless to go on electronic version if publisher don’t harness the ‘power’ of electronic applications. if i were to read static pages, i might as well buy hard copy of the magazine.

Popular Mechanics Interactive is now available at the Apple Appstore.