Toei Kyoto Studio Park Evangelion Splash

Remember the Toei Kyoto Studio Park Evangelion Base? It is not quite a theme park. It was a place where you can admire the ginormous upper torso of EVA Unit-01 and perhaps stand on its hand for a photo opportunity, or experience the “Entry Plug”. But for summer, this area is hosting a very cool-for-summer activity.

Toei Kyoto Studio Park Evangelion Splash

The area in front of the giant Unit-01 bust has been turned into the battleground for a water fight between visitors and two giant 4th Angels in an event dubbed “Splash! Evangelion Kyoto Base 2022”.

In this limited-time event specially crafted for this sweltering summer, participating EVA “pilots” will be issued water guns featuring Unit-01 deco and an A.T. Field shield to fight off the invading “Angels”. During the event period, a live show where a water canon can also be observed.

“Splash! Evangelion Kyoto Base 2022” is not an everyday affair. It only happens on select days: July 16/17/18, 2022, July 23-August 14, 2022, August 20/21, August 27/28, and September 03/04. I believe the water canon show is set at 1100, 1300, and 1500 hours during those days.

In addition, shaved ice in an Evangelion-themed cup holder can also be purchased for 2,500 yen (roughly US$18.30). Apparently, the aforementioned A.T. Field shield is not free. It is sold at 1,000 yen a pop (about US$7.30) and the Evangelion-themed poncho you saw in the video below is also purchased separately with the adult size going for 3,480 yen (around US$25.50) and the kids’ size 2,480 yen (about US$18.20).

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Those are not included with the entrance ticket which cost 2,400 yen (US$17.60) for adults and 1,200 yen for children (US$8.80), and 1,400 yen (US$10.30) for students. 

Images: Toei Kyoto Studio Park [JP].

via Siliconera.