G-Shock has dropped a new NASA collab model, the CASIO G-Shock x NASA GWM5610NASA4 Watch. It is the third NASA collaborative watch following the DW5600NASA20-7CR in 2020 and DW5600NASA21 in 2021. Like the previous two, it is also based on the square face G-Shock but this time, it is presented in an orange color inspired by the color of the suit worn by astronauts during ascent and reentry.

CASIO G-Shock x NASA GWM5610NASA4 Watch

This suit is a full pressure suit called an Advanced Crew Escape Suit (ACES) and the shade of orange used is known as “international orange”. The CASIO G-Shock x NASA GWM5610NASA4 Watch is the most striking NASA cobranded G-Shock yet, thanks to the bright orange colorway. The orange treatment is limited to the case and the band.

Meanwhile, it has a dark black dial that is nod to the helmet’s black visor while the thin blue line on the dial mimics the accompanying blue accents found on the suits.

CASIO G-Shock x NASA GWM5610NASA4 Watch

Laser-printed NASA brandings – the logo on the bottom band as well as the agency name spelled out in full on the top band – decorates the watch band, along with a band loop with an image of the American flag.

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The U.S.A. flag can also be found on the blue and orange round tin container and it has packaging inspired by the metal launch pad bridge that connects to the orbiter.

Finally, rounding up the NASA/space theme is a case back engraved with an astronaut.

CASIO G-Shock x NASA GWM5610NASA4 Watch

Beyond the NASA treatment, the GWM5610NASA4 further boasts additional features like Radio Controlled timekeeping (Multi Band 6), Tough Solar, world time, 5 daily alarms, and more.

The CASIO G-Shock x NASA GWM5610NASA4 Watch was revealed on July 18 for US$170 apiece but already, it has been snapped up. Not sure if it will be restocked since it is a limited edition thing.

Images: G-Shock [US].

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