Infographic: How People Eat Fries Around The World

If there’s one food that the world can agree on, it would be fries. Whether they are dish, or wedge shape or in strips, and however you call it, be it Patatje Oorlog, frites, chips or wedges, you can’t deny the lure of this salty potato sticks (or slices) are simply irresistible. While people may […]

LIV’s Swiss-made Automatic Watch Hits Kickstarter For Under $500

If there’s one thing Genesis X1-A Automatic Watch can prove, is that you don’t need to sell your car to own a Swiss-made automatic watch. LIV Watches started out on Kickstarter with the Swiss-made chronograph and today, it is back with another Swiss-made timepiece, this time, an automatic watch that cost under $500, or $439, […]

Oceania: The First And Only Wooden Watch That’s Waterproof To 10ATM

It is true that wood floats on water, but somehow, wood and water don’t quite mix, which makes waterproofing wrist watches a tricky art. That’s not to say it can’t be done; it can, but limited to just ‘water resistant’. So, it is not quite for wood-loving scuba divers. However, a young watch company by […]

Nerf Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster: Zombie Slaying Starts From Young

Grown ups often talked about zombie apocalypse and how best to prepare ourselves. The truth is we probably won’t see such a calamity in our lifetime, but we can’t say the same for the generation that follows. This is why the Nerf Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster could be a sound toy weapon for kids to […]

Off The Wall: Michael Jackson’s Original Album And Documentary CD/DVD Goes On Sale Feb 26

Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Legacy Recordings has come together to release a CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray editions of Michael Jackson’s revolutionary 1979 album, Off The Wall. The bundle comes packed with the original version of Off The Wall, a record that spun numerous chart topping hits, and a new Spike Lee directed documentary entitled […]

Sriracha, Everyone’s Favorite Hot Sauce, Now Comes In 5g Packets

Packet sauce is arguably the most convenient way of consuming your favorite sauce on-the-go. Packet sauce has been used the world over. McDonald’s has it, so does KFC and many other fast food retailers and so, there’s no reason why a famous and much loved Sriracha is not in the on-the-go game. Sure, the Sriracha2Go […]

Airbnb Pulls Brooklyn Dude’s $200 A Night ‘Boutique Igloo’ Listing

Talked about making the best out of bad situations. One New Yorker by the name of Patrick Horton did just that when Winter Storm Jonas swept through New York City. Instead clearing the unusual amount of snow, he and his friends got to work and made an igloo out of it. Calling it a Boutique […]

Yagyu Ninja Academy Will Teach You The Art Of Ninja For $17 A Day

Ninja, the stealthy assassin of feudal Japan, has never fail to capture people’s imagination. Ninja has been glorified by TV shows and movies, which prompted the young me to picked up the lesser art known as Ninja-do almost twenty years ago. However, much to my disappointment, Ninja-do was nothing but a form self-defence, much like […]

Breitling’s First Smartwatch Takes On A Conservative Approach

For luxury watch makers, hopping onto the smartwatch bandwagon is like threading on a thin line. Understandably, they have their traditions to uphold. TAG Heuer may have ignored the traditions and went full-on with its first smartwatch, but Swiss watchmaker Breitling has opted for a more conservative approach. The company’s first smartwatch, dubbed Breitling Exospace […]

Amsterdam Is Where You Can Find The World’s First Gamer-centric Hotel

When we travel, we travel. Meaning, we don’t coop ourselves up in the hotel room. We explore the city where we are at. There’s no reason for anyone to lock themselves in a room, really. However, if you are a die-hard gamer looking to get out of your parent’s basement and game on in a […]