Optimus would not be a true Prime without his trailer. The trailer, for the uninitiated, can transform into a Combat Deck that is, well, a combat base that also doubles as a repair platform for injured Autobots. Almost all versions of G1 Optimus Prime toys would have come with the trailer. Strangely not the LEGO Creator Optimus Prime (10302), though.

LEGO MOC Trailer for LEGO Optimus Prime by hachiroku92

It is possible that having a trailer would drive up the cost. But this being a LEGO set, there is no such thing as no trailer. Because if there are bricks, you can build one as demonstrated by LEGO enthusiast hachiroku92 (@hachiroku92). hachiroku92 has built a trailer specifically for LEGO Optimus Prime that opens up into the aforementioned Combat Deck, complete with the pod thingy with repair arms and an access ramp.

On the outside, hachiroku92 also recreated the lines that run along the sides of the trailer, along with the iconic blue and white stripes. The only thing lacking is the Autobot logo on each side of the trailer. We are not sure if LEGO will introduce a brick-built trailer later as Robosen did. For now, your best bet for a trailer is to build one yourself.

LEGO MOC Trailer for LEGO Optimus Prime by hachiroku92

Unfortunately, though, hachiroku92 will not be offering up instructions for the build. However, you can follow the steps in his build video posted on his channel (which you can also find embedded below).

Images: Instagram (@hachiroku92).

via Jay’s Brick Blog.

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