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advance Konapun cooking toys by Bandai

Konapun Cooking Toys by Bandai 544px
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when i saw the videos for this toy, i simply go ‘wow’. the kanopun cooking toys from Bandai uses water and ‘magic’ powder to cook up some serious miniature delicacy. it’s not edible though and the product will perish after a certain period of time. it has a whole range of meals ranging from Japanese to Italian food.

making up the magic powder is mainly Alginic acid and seaweed’s constituent. each food powder contains different additives to create the color and viscosity required to imitate the designated dish. to get cooking, you will need some miniature cooking sets or kitchen set up which, without doubt, are available from Bandai too. wow, again.

visit Bandai website.

for more info visit Girls Channel website. (in Japanese only)

World First Ferrari Theme Park opens to the media

Ferrari World Theme Park - Birds eye view
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stretching 700 meters and occupying 176,000 square meters of interior space, the Ferrari World is the world biggest indoor theme park. it goes to show’s how the branding has extend beyond just cars and fashions. traditionally, theme parks are aimed at children, and the Ferrari theme park is definitely aimed in getting in the imagination of ‘future’ potential buyers. located in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, we can easily see why. UAE… need i say more? Continue reading World First Ferrari Theme Park opens to the media

information direct to your eyes with Zeal Optics Transcend GPS

Zeal Optics Transcend GPS 544px
(photo: Zeal Optics Transcend GPS | from US$399 |

you don’t to be a fighter pilot or an AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter pilot to get a heads up on real time information. the Zeal Transcend GPS winter sports goggles have a built-in GPS, with a tiny display inside the right lens, feeding the user with real-time location, speed, altitude and jump info right into your eye. granted, this isn’t a true ‘head-up display’ (HUD) but this is the closest you get for now.

it even comes with a USB port (what gadget doesn’t come with USB these days?) for downloading and analyzing stats on your computer (PC & Mac compatible). it has, not surprisingly, a Google Map overlay. ok who does not use any Google products, please raise your hand. oh, everyone huh?

two lens types are available for your choosing: the SPPX polarized + photochromic lens (aka transition lens) and the SPX polarized lens. the Zeal Transcend GPS starts at €399 (approximately US$695). a small price to pay for not getting lost in the snow white alps. i think.

midterm election mood with Barrack Obama Action Figure

Jailbreak Toys Barrack Obama Action Figure GOLD 544px(photo source:
how about getting into the mood of the coming US midterm election with this Inaugural Obama Action Figure – Limited Edition. the 6″ tall electroplated, gold-suited Inaugural Obama Action Figure has 6-points of articulations (unlike the standard edition, which has 8-points of articulations) is limited to 3,000 pieces and each piece is serialized. Continue reading midterm election mood with Barrack Obama Action Figure

drive yourself up the wall with TRON Zero G Light Cycle

TRON Zero G Light Cycle 544px(photo source:
can’t enough of TRON? how about owning one of those Tron Legacy Zero G Light Cycle? i’m not kidding you. really. you can own of those for just £34.99 (approximately US$55) . yeah, you heard it right. but wait, it’s a toy, actually. never mind.

this toy is based on the movie TRON Legacy. you know that movie that probably will dazzle your vision with their neon lights? TRON Legacy Zero G Light Cycle is capable performing anti-gravitational maneuver by zipping up on your walls and across the ceilings. all thanks to it’s advanced vacuum technology which make the toy sucks – literally. don’t you just love movie-ups?

the cycle is remotely controlled via an infra-red transmitter, which is also it’s charging station. cool. neon bodysuit and helmet are optional.

visit FIREBOX.

ICON Playstation 3 MOVE Battle Rifle

Icon Playstation 3 MOVE Battle Rifle 544px
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Playstation 3 shooter may want to check this item out. the ICON PS3 MOVE Battle Rifle a realistic-looking attachment for your, MOVE… what else? unlike the XBOX Kinect counterpart, PS3 shooter junkie will at least get closer to the action with this attachment. aside from being light weight as claimed by ICON, the attachment features a modular design which allows player to “modify the appearance of the gun to match the style of game you are playing” and it has textured grip to make sure your rifle don’t slip-off in the heat of the battle. Continue reading ICON Playstation 3 MOVE Battle Rifle

new old vintage of the week: trimPhone

Bloomsbury trimPhone 544px
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yet another new old vintage. this time round it’s a home phone. flash back to the 70s with the Bloomsbury 70s trimPhone, which comes in 6 different hues of the 70s. the only difference is, the numbers are press buttons instead of the classic dial wheel. really, there’s nothing to talk about this fixed line home phone except for it’s retro-chic factor. coolness factor 11 out 10. what more can you ask for? even if you hardly use you home phone, this could be a perfect addition to your retro-themed home.

check it @ Bloomsbury Store.

when style meets technology: AlessiTab

AlessiTab - interactive multimedia tablet 544px
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if you are into designer’s gadgets, you are in for a treat. Alessi, an Italian company specializes in beautifully designed contemporary housewares, has announced the AlessiTAB, an interactive multimedia tablet. developed in conjunction with Promelit, the tablet is designed exclusively by Stefano Giovannoni. Stefano is the man behind many beautiful creations such as AlessiPHONE (2009), Alessi Scale (2005), Alessi Toaster (2006), TOTO washlet (2008) et cetera. his attention to detail and forms can certainly be seen in the AlessiTAB.

the AlessiTAB spots a 10.1″ high definition touch screen and runs on Google’s Android 2.1 OS with 1GB of internal memory. the idea behind AlessiTAB is be “the focal point of advance household communications” where everyone in the household will be able to find a use for it. i have no doubt about this. i definitely would have a lot use for it. other features include auto-rotation with gravitational sensor, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connection, DVB-T with antenna, integrated microphone and camera, HD support with HDMI output, USB Port / SD card.

a tablet is only as useful with the right contents, with this understanding Alessi has made quite a few agreement with several establishments to provide content for the AlessiTAB. these include ANSA news and weather, Editoriale Domus – Il Cucchiaio d’Argento, DOKI, Radiotime 13,000 radio stations across the world and INRAN Italian National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition (perfect for health-concious home chef).

The AlessiTAB is scheduled to be available this coming November. However, no words on what’s the price for such a sexy gadget. wait, did i just said ‘sexy’? hmmm…

visit Alessi website.

AlessiTab - interactive multimedia tablet 544px
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Porsche Design’s USB thumb drives and mouse

before you realize your dream of owning a Porsche (or owning yet another Porsche), get a piece of Porsche lifestyle with these geeky stuff from Porsche Design…

Porsche 911 PC and Mac mouse 544px
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Porsche Design Computer Mouse
thinking of carrying over your need for speed to your desktop? this PC & Mac compatible, 2-button scroll-wheel mouse should do the job. no, not really. it’s not a speeding mouse but rather a mouse that features aluminum scroll-wheel, high-res 2000 dpi sensor and 2.4 GHz technology in the shaped of Porsche 911. or at least you can pretend to be cruising down the ocean drive in the luxury sports car while you are slogging through your daily work. the Porsche Design 911 mouse retails at £42.55 (US$67), which is on the high side considering an average pricing for a wireless mouse is around US$25.

Porsche Car Key thumb drive 544px
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Porsche Design USB Stick (USB Thumb Drive)
take step a further to your Porsche ownership (whether you are or you are not a Porsche owner) by grabbing this 4GB USB thumb drive, in form of a Porsche sports car vehicle key. it will work with most operating system, like most thumb drives do. it also works with Porsche Communication Management system. er… what’s that?… ok. it’s obvious i’m not a Porsche owner. the Porsche USB stick retails at £22.98 (US$36), again a more expensive option to ordinary brand thumb drives. but a small price to pay for a dream (almost) comes true. start fantasizing about starting up the Porsche sports car whenever you plug in this thumb drive into you PC, just don’t try to crank the thumb drive.

Porsche Panamera Car Key thumb drive 544px
(photo source:
Porsche Design Panamera USB Stick (USB Thumb Drive)
if Panamera is your kind of thing. there’s also a Panamera car key USB stick, which would be my personal choice. i have always liked the Porsche Panamera, regardless of what critics said. capacity is 4GB on this Panemera USB stick and there’s a sliding mechanism to extend and retract the stick. sneaky. with the USB retracted, it certainly looked like an actual Porsche Panamera car key. just make sure you don’t grab the wrong ‘key’ for your Panamera on your way out. as with the Porsche USB stick, it will work with most operating system and the Porsche Communication Management system. owning a Panamera stick is slightly dearer at £24.68 (US$39). design is nice but i hope Porsche Design would understand that 4GB is so over these days and minimum capacity would 8GB.

visit Porsche Design Driver’s Selection.

Ride on Design – the Ciclotte Exercise Bike

Ciclotte Exercise Bike 544px
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what looks like a contemporary art piece is actually the Ciclotte, a designer exercise bike. no, i did not get it wrong. the Ciclotte is designed by Luca Schieppati and made in Italy. it is constructed out of an innovative mix of carbon fiber, steel and glass fiber (i supposed they meant fiber glass?). technological approach has also been carried over to it’s functionality (not just aesthetic) such as touch screen display and epicycloid transmission system.

that’s just a brief introduction but now comes the golden question: how much? well… the Ciclotte will be yours for a cool US$10,700. whoa… oh, 3 colors (full carbon, silver & purple) will be available for it’s first release and customization to the frame with brands, names and graphics are possible upon request.

visit Ciclotte website. (note: it’s a FLASH-based website)

Ciclotte Exercise Bike - colors 544px