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iPhly turns your iPhone into a radio control transmitter

iPhly Radio Control with iPhone 544x408px
(image credit: iPhly) iPhly Radio Control with iPhone | from US$70.00 (special) |

iPhone takes on the task of controlling your radio controlled model with a twist. typically, a radio controlled model uses a transmitter (TX) to relay your inputs to the model’s receiver (RX). the RX in turns send the input to the necessary components such as the servos, electronic speed controller et cetera. however, Ari Krupnik has another idea: using your iPhone as the transmitter instead, using his invention called the iPhly. Continue reading iPhly turns your iPhone into a radio control transmitter

Hublot to unveil Répétition Minutes Tourbillon Chrono at Basel Fair

Hublot Repetition Minutes Tourbillon Chrono 544x368px
(image credit: Hublot) Hublot Répétition Minutes Tourbillon Chrono | US$tbc |

Hublot is marking the 2011 Basel Fair by presenting the Répétition Minutes Tourbillon Chrono luxury time piece. the Répétition Minutes Tourbillon Chrono, the world’s first minute repeater watch featuring two “Cathedra'” type gongs, a tourbillon and column wheel chronograph, topped with carbon fiber bridges in a 48mm case made from matte carbon fiber. aside from the obvious, eye-catching carbon fiber, the watch also features titanium bezel and screws, black PVD titanium crown and lateral inserts in black composite resin. the combination of materials truly illustrates the Art of Fusion that Hublot holds so dearly. Continue reading Hublot to unveil Répétition Minutes Tourbillon Chrono at Basel Fair

Sideshow Exclusive Clone Trooper premium format figure

Sideshow Exclusive Clone Stormtrooper 544x786px
(image credit: Sideshow Collectibles) Clone Trooper – Sideshow Exclusive Edition | US$299.99 |

we thought that this is something too beautiful to give it pass. not that we will be snapping one for ourselves right away but we certainly appreciate the work of art that was put into the new premium format Clone Trooper from Sideshow Collectibles. check out some images after the break to witness its awesomeness. the attention to details of this 19-inches collectibles will definitely put a smile in any Star Wars figures connoisseur. each piece is handcrafted and individually painted by Sideshow Collectibles. the armored trooper features armor plating over a fabric body suit with detail accessories. Continue reading Sideshow Exclusive Clone Trooper premium format figure

enough of action figures, time for some inflatable fun

Blimpus - inflatable character 544x339px
(image credit: Blimpus) Blimpus, An Inflatable Character Canvas | from US$20.00 |

love collecting cute, arty stuff including vinyl figurines? then you should be familiar with vinyl collectibles such as bearbrick, munny, dunny et cetera. physically, these vinyl figurines look the same but what set each of them apart is the awesome graphics that each toy sports. that said, we want to introduce you to a whole new world of collectibles: the Blimpus. Blimpus differs with the rest of the collectibles in two major ways: first, it is not a solid vinyl – it is an inflatable PVC vinyl canvas and second, it comes as a flat blank canvas which makes creating design much easier. Continue reading enough of action figures, time for some inflatable fun

a bottle opener that catches the caps is what the world needs

Beer Cap Catcher 544x400px
(image credit: Stefano Di Lollo/Trudeau Corporation) Beer Cap Catcher | US$tbc |

beer cap collectors and compulsive party organizers will be glad that Stefano has invented the Beer Cap Catcher. nothing to exaggerate here but this nifty contraption here has an integrated transparent bottle that stores the popped bottle’s cap. hence, the cap literally moves from one bottle into another. sweet. no more, popping the bottles and never know where all the caps went. tell me, this isn’t a great invention for beer cap collectors and party organizer. the former, gets to bag up to 30 caps for his or her collection and the latter, eliminates the cap hunting after huge party.

no word on the pricing and its availability, though. damn, we wouldn’t have switched to can beers if these was in existence back then. check out the short clip of the Beer Cap Catcher in action after break.

Beer Cap Catcher 544x544px
(image credit: Stefano Di Lollo/Trudeau Corporation)

via DVICE / Yanko Design

visvim 2-tone Gabo Hi: canvas shoes never look so good

visvim 2-ton Gabo Hi 544x311px
(image credit: visvim) visvim 2-tone Gabo Hi | US$tbc |

my memories of canvas hi cuts are mainly clouded by Converse items. well, it’s the most recognizable canvas shoes to date and even Will Smith in I, Robot wore it (remember “vintage 2000 converse”?). however, this upcoming Spring/Summer 2011, visvim 2-tone Gabo Hi will blew you away with its colors and materials combo. the upper portion is of dyed canvas with contrasting stitching and the ankle is of suede with a very contrasting color which will probably get your feet notice right away. yes, not you, just your feet. the visvim 2-tone Gabo Hi will come in two colors combinations: a light blue and red combo, and a brown and navy combo. no word on the pricing and the exact availability. the visvim 2-tone Gabo Hi will be available soon through selected visvim stockists worldwide.

images horizontal 544x38px

visvim 2-ton Gabo Hi 800x800px visvim 2-ton Gabo Hi 800x800px

via Hypebeast

Airexpresso quenches your thirst for caffeine on the road

Airexpresso 544x488px
(image credit: MyCuppa) Airexpresso | US$180.91 |

coffee-addicts cum adventurers will often find themselves caught in the wild, craving for a shot of the caffeine beverage. being a caffeine addict, i bet you would have a couple of instant coffee sachets packed in but those are nothing compared to a cup of real deal expresso and here what’s the Airexpresso is for. Airexpresso is an on-the-go expresso brewer developed for such scenario. all you need is some hot water, your favorite coffee grounds and a bicycle pump, and you will have your shot of expresso in no time.

this on the go expresso machine, works pretty much like a standard desktop expresso machine, except that air pressure induced by a bicycle pump is used instead of steam or pumped water. on the first look, the Airexpresso looks more like a clutch-master cylinder pump in an automobile than an expresso machine but beyond its mechanical look, this 250 grams contraption is capable of serving up 120 ml shot of expresso. constructed of anodized aerospace aluminum, engineering plastic and brass, Airexpresso definitely isn’t the typical use-and-dispose gadget but it is built to last for years to come – for as long as you have the energy to do your adventure stuff, well, sort-of.

getting a shot of caffeine in the wild isn’t going to be cheap. the Airpresso retails for $180.91 but then again, we are sure that adventurers who are serious caffeine addicts should have no qualm in splurging for a contraption that could save the day. so to speak. Airexpresso is available via MyCuppa web store.

Airexpresso 544x368px

via Baller House

Oscar Best Picture nominees movie posters just got bricked

Oscar Best Picture Nominees Movie Posters LEGO-style 544x374px
(image credit: CCC via 9GAG)

when it comes to movie posters, there is nothing like one that’s done in LEGO style. call it a spoof or whatever, these are posters of the ten Oscar nominees for Best Picture presented in awesome LEGO-style. starring… minifigures, who else? my personal favorite would be 127 HOURS, cos’ that’s the only one that shows the bricks. i’m such a traditionalist. no bricks, not a LEGO. sure, minifigs are LEGO too but there aren’t truly complete without the good’ol bricks. hit the jump and check out the rest of the posters. despite me being pro-bricks, they are still awesome works! Continue reading Oscar Best Picture nominees movie posters just got bricked

Mark Zuckerberg immortalized with unofficial action figure

MIC Gadget unofficial Mark Zuckerberg Action Figure 544px
(image credit: M.I.C.Gadget) “Poking Inventor” Acton Figure | US$69.90 |

first it was the CEO of the pineapple company being immortalized as an action figure, but then things got a little ‘touchy’ and it was removed, much to the disappointment of all pineapple fans. now the inventor of ‘poking’ is the newest victim of this unofficial immortalization. this is no Madame Tussauds’ wax figure, but this 7-inch action figure, sporting the trademark casual brown sweat shirt, worn jeans and a pair of Adidas sandals, does resembles the poking inventor, albeit sporting bigger head. though, not as stunning as the pineapple CEO action figure, which is still our all time favorite (the ninja version, included). Continue reading Mark Zuckerberg immortalized with unofficial action figure

Greg Hervieux x Domeau & Pérès Leather Skateboard Deck

Domeau and Peres Premium Leather Skateboard Deck 544x368px
(image credit: BKRW) Domeau & Pérès Premium Leather Deck | €990.00 |

two big names in their respective industries come together to create this stunning leather skateboard deck, dubbed the Domeau & Pérès Premium Leather Deck. the French firm, Domeau & Pérès is best known for their luxury contemporary furniture and Greg Hervieux, co-founder of creative agency BKRW, created this beautiful and luxurious leather skateboard deck and is limited to just five pieces worldwide. priced at €990 (about US$1,366), and only available by email request, this is probably one heck of an expensive skateboard deck to date. Continue reading Greg Hervieux x Domeau & Pérès Leather Skateboard Deck