Super fan of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man with pockets as deep as the blackhole may want to know there is a new collectible based on the Iron Spider suit as seen in the Avengers: Infinity War from pop culture statue maker, Queen Studios.

Queen Studios Iron Spider Life-size Statue

The Queen Studios Iron Spider Life-size Statue, as it is officially called, is a 1:1 life-size recreation of the friendly neighborhood superhero in his super high-tech, fit-for-space suit that towers at a cool 192 cm (6 feet 3.6 inches) tall.

Wait a minute… that’s not right, is it? Isn’t Tom Holland’s height 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm)? Oh, wait. The height is including the display base! My bad. Anyhoo, what’s interesting about this life-size polystone statue is, it is not just screen-accurate with details and colors but it also has quite a number of light-up functions.

Queen Studios Iron Spider Life-size Statue

There are the light-up eyes, the repulsor one on each palm, and the suit itself has quite a few small LED light accents too. The display base has a circular light too to add to the futuristic vibe of the suit.

The Queen Studios Iron Spider Life-size Statue has a limited run of just 299 units. But at US$7,395 apiece, I don’t believe it will fly off the shelves. Pre-order is happening on Queen Studios website. Delivery is expected to commence sometime in Q4 2022.

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All images courtesy of Weibo (Queens Studio).

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