Remember the Etch A Sketch Revolution we reported last week? Back then, we didn’t have a visual of it. We only know it as “the first-ever Etch A Sketch with a spinning screen” that would allow you to draw perfect circles.

Not going to lie. I have a hard time trying to visualize how it actual look and function, but my curiosity is now answered when someone (from Gizmodo) had the opportunity to take the upcoming revolutionary (pun in intended) Etch A Sketch for a spin (also pun very much intended).

Etch A Sketch Revolution First Look

Not only the drawing aspect is rather, ermm, revolutionary, but the design of the hardware was a stark departure from the traditional Etch A Sketch. Gone was the rectangular slat form. In its place is a compact, somewhat square-ish form factor and within the frame in the iconic red paint job, is a circular screen.

In addition to the two knobs for drawing along the X and Z axes, it sports two additional knobs on the rim of its circular screen that you use to spin the drawing area to create perfect circles. I must say it is pretty brilliant idea – especially for those who are absolutely obsessed in getting the perfect circle.

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Etch A Sketch Revolution is set to arrive this July for $9.99.

Animated GIF/Photo: Raul Marrero/Victoria Song/Gizmodo.

Hat tip: Gizmodo via Technabob.

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