This virtual Yule log burning may not run for five hours but I am certain that fans of Marvel will be delighted – especially fans of Kate Bishop from the live-action series Hawkeye streaming on Disney+. Marvel Entertainment has posted a video on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook of a Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop-inspired Yule Log video.

Hawkeye Kate Bishop-inspired Yule Log YouTube

The video features a fireplace at Kate’s inspired NYC apartment. It started off with a fireplace that appears to be going out on its own when a fire arrow can be seen shot at the fireplace and subsequently, the dying fire reignites and turn into a raging fire. As the fire burns down the arrow and started its route to extinguishing again, another fire arrow can be seen landing in the fireplace.

This went on for nearly an hour (or 57 minutes and 54 seconds, to be exact) – complete the crackling sound of the burning Yule log, along with occasional traffic outside and soothing Christmas tunes.

Images: YouTube (Marvel Entertainment).

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