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device that lets your pocket video camera tracks your every move

Satarii Star Integrated Tracking System 544px
(image credit: Satarii Star)

self-portrait for still images isn’t an issue as long as the camera has a built-in self-timer but what about self-videoing? the biggest issue with self-video is following or tracking. when the subject moves, the camera doesn’t, thus resulting in subject went out of frame. three guys, Vlad Tetelbaum, Brian Lamb and Dean Hamilton has a clever solution that allows your camera to follow your every move. in essence, it’s an integrated tracking system for pocket video camera. Continue reading device that lets your pocket video camera tracks your every move

machine bottoms up your beer before you take your gulp

Grinon Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispenser img1 544px
(credit: screenshot by mike from YouTube video)

traditionally, we called out ‘bottoms up’ before downing the booze in our mug. now, bottoms up has a whole new meaning. it means filling up the beer from bottom up. this innovative dispenser from GrinOn Industries, dubbed the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispenser, is able to fill the plastic beer cups from bottom up.

it is not entirely clear how it works. what was known is that each plastic beer cup has a hole at its bottom, sealed with a flat circular magnet. when place on the machine, the machine pops the circular magnet up and fills the cup with beer, bottoms up style. apparently, in this way, it will result in less beer foam as compared to traditional beer tap dispenser.

booze lovers, rejoice! lets hope that this machine becomes a standard in clubs, pubs and parties. hooray! check out the video below. i was pretty amazed by the rate of dispensing. at that kind of rate, you probably have two consequences: more beer sold and more seriously drunk dudes.

Grinon Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispenser img2 544px


BMW burns their brand name into your retinas

BMW ad screenshot 544px
(credit: screenshot by mike from YouTube video)

big corporates has tried variety of ways to instill brand loyalty in consumers. one of the commonly used tool is advertisement. probably that isn’t good enough for BMW, now it has decided that they should imprint their brand name into our mind by burning them into our retinas. Continue reading BMW burns their brand name into your retinas

unboxing video turns nasty – ninjas start jumping out of the video!

Ninja Unboxing 2 screenshot 544px
(credit: screenshot of YouTube page)

to be honest, i didn’t expect this. when i first saw the title, i thought cool, some new toy ninja being unboxed but it turns out to be more than that when the ninjas start to fight each other in the video, and out of the video, onto the (web)page itself. awesome! don’t get what i was saying? check out the video here. tell me you are impressed.

try replaying over a few times, it has a different ending each time the video is played. this gotta be the best video ever. totally cool.

PS: while you’re at it, check out the earlier video, entitled Ninja Unboxing (for Google Nexus One). it’s a pretty cool clip even though the ninjas don’t pop out of the video like this one did.


Orbotix Sphero robotic ball game played with iOS and Android

Orbotix Sphero - final design of the ball 544px
(image credit: Orbotix)

if flying the Parrot A.R.Drone is not for you, then maybe something that rolls on the ground might appeal to you. though not using WiFi for control, the robotic ball – dubbed Sphero (yes, it has a name now) – is controlled by a smartphone via Bluetooth. developed by Boulder-based Orbotix start-up, the Sphero is a entirely new game platform which the physical ball forms part of your gaming experience. Continue reading Orbotix Sphero robotic ball game played with iOS and Android

Fancy some virtual skydiving with Google Earth?

Demo Slam Google Earth Skydiving 544px
(screenshot from YouTube video)

if you have always wanted to have a go with skydiving but lacks the nerve to do it then how about a less-risky Google Earth skydiving? all you need is to agree to be slung, while putting on the gear that looks like you are heading on to a real dive off a plane at 20,000 feet high is optional. we do advise safety google as a precautionary measure. to add to the realism, you can grab a group of others to throw some wind up against you for the effect of free falling down.

the above scenario was what a group of Japanese did, skydiving the Google Earth way. these guys rigged up a projector that projects the Google Earth down onto the floor and had two dudes slung above it while zooming the Google Map, simulating a freefall. much like a virtual skydiving stunt. pretty cool if you think about it. current indoor skydiving experience is cool, but if you can simulate the Earth down below – that would be way more awesome.

check out the video below. it’s pretty convincing except for the dudes’ shadow. well, there’s always room for improvement.

via Akihabara News

innovative furniture: original functioning NES controller coffee table

10up Deluxe NES Controller Coffee Table 544px
(image credit: screenshot from YouTube video)

feeling nostalgic about 8-bit gaming? if you are old enough to recall the beloved 8-bit NES gaming console, you will be familiar with the original NES controllers aka the joypad. you know the rectangle grey block with D-pad, buttons and all? this guys over at 10up Deluxe felt so passionate about it that they decided to create a coffee table in the form of the joypad and better yet, it is a functioning joypad! Continue reading innovative furniture: original functioning NES controller coffee table

C60 Redux lets you touch your music once again

IDEO C6 Redux Music Player img5 544px
(image credit: i miss my pencil)

remember those days when we used to physically put our music to play? be it a 8-track tape, a vinyl record, a cassette tape or (more recently) CD. with the revolution of digital music, i can’t remember the last time i have handled another physical media to play my music. with the physical feel being missed, this guys over at IDEO came up with a working concept to put touches back to your music.

the C60 Redux is basically a music player with loads of RFID readers in it (to be precise, underneath it). the concept, shaped like a square-off vinyl, plays the music associated with the music card embedded with two RFID tags. to play the music, all you have to do is placed the music card onto the C60 platter and the music will start. you are able to place a few music cards on the platter, and it will churn out the music in clockwise sequence.

novelty? perhaps, but if the C60 makes into the market, i want to one. it is true that click and play does get boring sometimes. on top that, i am sure it will put some fun back into listening music.

IDEO C6 Redux Music Player img6 544px
(image credit: i miss my pencil)

IDEO C6 Redux Music Player img4 544px
(image credit: i miss my pencil)

c60 Redux from IDEO on Vimeo.

Giant ball that collects dust and dirts around your house

Dave Hakken Dust Ball with its charging station 544px
(image credit: Dave Hakkens)
by now we are familiar with robot vacuum running the cleaning routine in our homes. how do you like it to roll around your house instead? that’s what designer Dave HakkensDust Ball does. it rolls around collecting dust and dirts, and avoiding obstacles at the same time. when it is filled up, it just automatically heads back its starting point and glows. wonderful.

at the core of this weird looking ball of dust is a two-axis motor that moves the ball around. within this core, there is a dust containment container (much like the vacuum bags), a battery pack and other electronics circuitry that makes up the whole thing. check out the cool video which looks pretty convincing.

Dave Hakken got his inspiration for the Dust Ball from a hamsterball and the Dust Ball was designed to be strong, flexible and most importantly, would be able to get over any cables that gets in its way. apparently, Dave has Dust Ball for public places in mind. oh, and its completely kick-friendly.

it certainly looks cool, you know the design and concept, but i am not all that sure if its practical. rolling around with no bristles to scrub off more stubborn dirt? i don’t know. but it sure do looks like a nice lamp to me. i love the glowing part. really.

Dave Hakken Dust Ball on its charging station 544px
(image credit: Dave Hakkens)

Dave Hakken Dust Ball in airport 544px
(image credit: Dave Hakkens)

Dust Ball from hak op de tak on Vimeo.

via Yanko Design

9 meter square intelligent home controlled via Nokia N8 (video)

Intelligent Home Controlled by Nokia N8 544px
(screenshot from YouKu video)
this grouped of Chinese decided to take up a challenge: to convert a 9 meter square container into an intelligent home controllable by a mobile phone – in this case, its a Nokia N8. it took them three months to complete the project at a cost of RMB120,000 (approximately US$18,000). it was a great effort and showcased the potential of the Nokia N8.

though the whole project went on smoothly and everything seems to be in order, the reality still haunts us: what happen if your N8 or any other mobile that mastermind the intelligent home, conked out? wouldn’t that be a huge disaster? if this intelligent home were to become a reality, i am certain some form of fail-safe will be in place to prevent such failure. yes? no?

via M.I.C Gadget