Make Your Videos Look More Professional With These Video Production Tips

Video content has become a huge marketing branch in the last several years, as more and more people prefer making a video to promote, explain, and educate about their brand. Nothing spreads awareness like videos, as they are easier to follow as opposed to reading, which on average takes up more time and concentration. If you are thinking of making any video content for your brand or product, or generally to educate or spread awareness, here are some useful tips on how to make some proper videos.

Plan It Out

The first thing is making it clear what kind of video you are going to make. Is it informative and gives a clear and easy-to-understand explanation of your brand, is it specifically related to how certain products are used, or is it in the form of a short commercial? Defining the main goal of the content will help you specify it more, and emphasize the parts of interest to you.

While introducing a new product, you might concentrate more on it, with short descriptions, or if you are trying to educate your audience on how to use it, you’ll talk less about the product itself and more about its many appliances and uses. Put it on paper, define it, and make sure not to digress from the original blueprint too much.

Setting And Framework

Another important aspect of making a high-quality and professional video is thinking of the setting. As said before, it really depends on the overall idea of the video and its purpose. For the product itself, think of a subtle setting that will put the product first, and let it be in the spotlight with a less distracting background.

You can find helpful tools for video editing free download online, but if you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, hiring a professional videographer can be a great option. If your video is more informative and educational, you might want to consider using background images or videos that are related to the topic.

People tend to look at small details, so try to remove as many distractions as possible to keep the focus of the audience on what is really important. If you find this a bit overwhelming, there are groups offering services in entertainment and production and taking all of the pressure from your shoulders.

They take care of the pre-production period, scheduling the shooting, discussing framework and setting ideas, trying to realize your ideas on video. You’ll have producers, camera crews, cinematographers, etc., to make sure your video will be breathtaking and mesmerizing.

The more it holds the attention of the audience, the bigger the success rate. According to recent research in the field of marketing, people remember pictures and moments captured on video longer than any text.

If you do, however, prefer to make it on your own, think of the location and framework. Think in terms of the product you are trying to promote, or in the spirit of the content. Make it look natural and hypnotizing.

Video Quality And Camera Set Up

This goes without saying, the quality of the video has a huge impact on its reception by the audience. Several factors can influence the quality despite using an expensive and overall great camera brand. Think in terms of lighting, as certain angles look more enthralling when captured in a darker atmosphere as the shadows emphasize the side you want to be seen. Also, the camera setup, the way you move while recording, and how you portray certain angles and parts of the video can play a major role.

One important piece of advice is, never to use the camera for audio recording no matter the brand and quality. Rather, purchase a great microphone for the sound since high-quality microphones can easily muffle surrounding voices and sound made. This is really important if you are recording in open and natural spaces, and puts a better emphasis on the main voice.

Short Shots

Try to make the video by recording shorter shots, in sequence. You easily edit them and compose them together for the final cut. Also, try to make shots for transitions in between as it looks more professional and can help you put the video together.

The last piece of advice and a useful tip, write a script. This usually goes in the pre-production phase of making videos, though sometimes it depends on the nature of the content itself. If the content is educational, a pre-written script can save you time and effort as you’ll know what to say and how to say it. Do not improvise when it comes to these things, it might seem like a great idea but never turns out quite as good. Planning in advance and making sure you have everything ready before even starting will guarantee a great video.

We hope you’ll find these tips useful and they’ll surely come in handy once you get started. Remember, it can boost sales and spread awareness.

Featured image: Unsplash (KAL VISUALS).