OK. With over 1.2 million views on YouTube, this particular graduate project from Miyagi University, Japan, may not the newest news, but its ingenious complexity had us so enthralled that I find it a crime not to share it with the Internet. Also, lets face it; there gazillions of things online these days, who knows some of you have not seen this work of art? Anywho, we are not quite sure what this particular puzzle box is officially called and Google Translate isn’t helping with this somewhat funny translation of “Peep into the graffiti.” That makes absolutely no sense to me.

Anyways, even without knowing much of its background, this Miyagi University Graduate Project Puzzle Box is no less intriguing. Again, according to the badly translated paragraph of the description, we figured this is some kind of safe box for stashing things that the user don’t want people to take. In order to gain access, you need to solve a series of puzzles which are cleverly masked by the intricate carving on the box. In other words, the “keys” are all hiding in plain sight. All you need to do is to know which one to trigger to be able to do the next step.

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When I said “a series of puzzles,” it is indeed a series of puzzles involving no less than seven steps. Each step has to be carried out in the correct sequence and only then, can you progress to the next and eventually retrieve a generously sized box for whatever. Hit the jump to have a look.

Image and source: YouTube.

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