Anduril Roadrunner Twin-Turbojet VTOL Autonomous Air Vehicle: Anti-Air Threats Weapon That Can Return To Base

This is Roadrunner-M by military hardware maker Auduril. It is a variant of the Anduril Roadrunner Twin-Turbojet VTOL Autonomous Air Vehicle. The Roadrunner here has nothing to do with the road, though. It is a reusable, VTOL, operator-supervised Autonomous Air Vehicle powered by Twin-Turbojet and boasts modular payload configurations allowing it to be adapted to …

JCB Is Going Green With Hydrogen Combustion Engines For Agricultural And Construction Machinery

When it comes to clean energy vehicles, I also think hydrogen is the future. Unfortunately, though, hydrogen production is not the cleanest process either. Sure, it can be produced in a clean way but it’s going to be a slow process. But as a boon, we at least will not have to deal with used …

World’s Largest Quadcopter Drone Is 21 Feet Across But Weighs Just 54 Pounds

With today’s technology, setting records for the smallest drone or the heaviest cargo lifted by a drone may not be particularly challenging. However, creating the world’s largest drone while adhering to strict weight limits relative to its size presents a significant challenge. This ambitious endeavor was undertaken by researchers at the University of Manchester.

Japanese Inventor Invented A Device That Protects The Face From Dropped Phone When Using On Bed 

We’ve all been there, right? That heart-stopping moment when your phone takes a nosedive onto your unsuspecting face in bed. It’s a rite of passage in the modern age. But fear not, because a clever Japanese inventor has come to the rescue with the “Face Smartphone Shield.”

Amazon Unveiled New Air Delivery Drone, Introduced New Medication Delivery Via Drone

Amazon has revealed new innovations aimed at improving customer deliveries. We are talking about the use of drones for delivery – specifically air delivery drones. Following up on last year’s reveal of the MK30 prototype air delivery drone, Amazon has offered the first look at its latest air delivery drone.

This Is Fufuly, A Wellness Robot That Breathes And Wants You To Breathe With It

Remember the headless robotic cat that comforts you when you’re heartbroken or feeling down? Well, the company behind that technology, Yukai Engineering, is back with another tech product promising to look after your well-being. This time, it’s not here to heal your broken heart but to ensure you don’t get stressed by targeting your breathing.

Meet The World’s Smallest NERF Gun Which The Eyes Can Barely See

Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer turned YouTube content creator, first gained worldwide fame with his unique science content, including building the world’s largest NERF Gun and the world’s biggest Super Soaker. Fast forward seven years, and he took on a fresh challenge: creating the world’s smallest NERF gun, this time with help from the …

How To Recover From Bariatric Surgery: Top Things You Should Know

If you’re considering bariatric surgery as a method of weight loss, then the recovery process is probably one of the most important questions on your mind. Bariatric surgery is an effective option for people who are looking to quickly and safely lose large amounts of weight, but it comes at the cost of a rigorous …