Here’s another quick news on LG. LG is set to debut a smart home AI agent at CES 2024, designed to be a two-legged, mobile home manager. This agent is equipped with advanced AI, enabling it to navigate, understand, and interact with users, and even express emotions.

LG Smart Home AI Agent

It’s a hub for controlling home appliances, with on-device AI for user recognition and environmental monitoring. The AI agent can act as a security guard, energy saver, and personal assistant, greeting users and adapting to their moods. LG’s vision is a “Zero Labor Home,” making household chores a thing of the past.

If you are heading down to Vegas – to CES 2024 – not the many casinos – then be sure to check out the LG booth (#16008) at the Las Vegas Convention Center where you can see all the LG’s latest smart life solutions, including the smart home AI agent.

LG Smart Home AI Agent

Images: LG.

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