Volkswagen New Exit Warning System for Automobiles

Driving is a dangerous affair because we do it so often that it increases the probability of something happening. Accidents can be anything from major accidents that, god forbid, take lives or inconvenience someone for the rest of their lives to something less fatal like crashing into cyclists or vehicles when opening doors. While many newer cars have collision detection that helps to mitigate frontal collisions with people and other vehicles, door opening remains a risk – well, that’s until now.

Volkswagen wants to reduce dangers when opening the doors with its new exit warning system. The system, featured in models like the electric ID.7, Passat, and Tiguan, aims to make getting out of your car in the city a lot safer. This tech alerts you about cyclists or other road users sneaking up from behind. It uses radars and LEDs in mirrors for a heads-up and even delays door opening if needed.

It is kind of like the current blind spot warning system but this safety system only triggers when you pull the door handle. The system is already in some models and is an option in others. Pretty cool way to avoid those door-related mishaps if you ask me. I think both drivers and passengers as well as other road users will be grateful for this technology.

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It is not fail-safe though. Objects that aren’t moving, or objects that are moving extremely slowly or traveling very fast may not be detected by the sensor. In other words, like land change assist or most safety systems, this system serves to assist. It is not a replacement for the users’ responsibility.

Images: Volkswagen.