if you have been following this blog, you probably have noticed that we hardly do apparels, much less tees but there are times for exceptions and such a time happens to be now. that said, when we first laid eyes on the Cities T-Shirt by Pilot and Captain, we felt an overwhelming sense of stylishness in them and naturally, we wanted to share such awesome finds with you folks. btw, Cities T-Shirt is not the official name (we made it up for convenience sake) but any how, these tees are available in typography print of sixteen popular cities, including Boston, New York, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Toronto, Zurich – just to name a few, with abbreviation of the city and/or location name printed on soft poly-blend slim fit crew neck. nothing loud or extravagant but they are minimalist in a way and fantastically awesome and we certainly dig its well-travelled feel of the tees. available for both men and women for just $32 a pop. sleek stuff, indeed. man, you really gotta check them out. a few more convincing images available after the break.

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