LEGO UCS Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition Set at New York Toy Fair 2018

We are not sure if this is the actual thing or it was something that someone made up. According to our source, this LEGO 76105 UCS Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition was supposedly uncovered at the recently concluded Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018. But there are reasons why we should take it with a pinch of salt. Firstly, we find no official words on this set, only pictures and information available to us by our source. You must thinking ‘it is totally possible to have no official words from LEGO’. Well, to that, here’s our second point: we scoured the Internet and even dug up official texts that were only released at Nuremberg Toy Fair, but nothing turned up. Zit. Nada. Nothing.

Then, we looked at LEGO enthusiast blogs where some of the blogs detailed what LEGO had brought to Nuremberg and it turned out empty too. All those plus the potato quality images that was found on imgur can only mean two things: If it was real, it was stashed away at the show but someone (likely, aspiring paparazzi) managed to snap a picture or two, or God forbids, it could not even be real. However, looking at the background that looks like it was captured at an event, it might very well be real. Regardless, it looks like Raymond Chow’s creation that was submitted and garnered 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas. Now, here’s the thing: it was officially announced that Raymond Chow’s set will not make it as an official set. And so, if this is real, isn’t this a stab someone’s handwork?

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Granted, the set is not identical to Chow’s MOC, but still LEGO said it themselves that it will not made it as a set due to a variety of reasons, among them includes factors like playability, safety, and fit with the LEGO brand. So, if Ray’s Hulkbuster UCS does not meet those criteria, what makes this so-called LEGO official creation totally passable? Or have Danish company had a change of heart? I don’t know. We, like many of you, eagerly await for official words on this.

P.S. we notice In one of the images on imgur, this set was sitting on some boxes with Chinese words. Should we be concerned about that? Also, unlike all LEGO sets, this one is missing on the number of pieces. Hmmm. Food for thought eh?

UPDATE [February 18, 2018; 18:58 PST] Someone is not amused that we have used their image. So, we respect their wishes and removed it according. It is still on imgur though. Anyways, you can read the latest info with official images in our latest post HERE.

Images: imgur.

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