Clair-S Sleep Inducing White Noise Air Purifier

While a air purifier does help to keep the air in your home a little cleaner, but having clean air does little help you fall or sleep, or ensure you stay asleep when do you do managed to enter the la la land. Obviously, difficultly in falling asleep or light sleeper is a problem everyone experience, but if you do, maybe the Clair-S can be of some help. So what the heck is Clair-S? Well, Clair-S is basically two things in one; it is an air purifier and it is also a white noise producing Bluetooth speaker that will help coax you to sleep. So, for someone who has difficulty falling to sleep, I guess you could say Clair-S is kind of a gadget that kills two birds with a stone.

Clair-S Sleep Inducing White Noise Air Purifier

Billed as a sound therapy air purifier combines advanced air purification function with IoT technology and Bluetooth speaker that purifies the air in the room and also churn out sleep-inducing audio that promotes calm and peace to relax you and hopefully, coax you to sleep.The white noise or music that induce you to sleep can also help errand sounds from waking up light sleeper too. When not used to help you get into the dreamland, Clair-S can also do duty as a regular Bluetooth speaker that accept wireless audio stream from compatible Bluetooth-equipped devices.

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As an air purifier, Clair-S uses a patented electrostatic dust-collecting method that is said to be able to remove over 99 percent of fine dusts of size that’s no more than 0.1 um. In fact, it is well capable removing harmful air pollutants like yellow dusts, smokes and more. And it does so while promising no harmful effects on human, or allergens of any sort. Oh, did we mention that it is an alarm too? Yeah. It is and you can get Clair-S to wake you each morning with a recording of the voice of your love one, or even your own voice too.

You can pick up one from Clair-S Indiegogo sales page where for $119-129, you can secure a unit for April 2017 delivery. Yes, it is on flexible funding, which means your backing is actually a pre-order. Check out the product pitch video after the post to learn more.

Images courtesy of Clair.