concept mouse & HDD that lets you feel the weight of your files

DataBot Mouse 544x311px
(credit: DataBot)

in the digital world, we have some how lost that tactile feel. you know, like the weight of the paper documents piling up in your brief case or the burgeoning ring file as you introduce it with endless papers, and so on. you get the idea. what if you can actually feel the weight of the file when you drag your file or folder around your computer or see your external hard drive expand as you drop more files into it? sounds far-fetched? well, it isn’t. two German students did exactly that: they have created a concept mouse that slows the roll of the mouse as you drag the file, thus giving you a feel of the weight of the file size. hence, the bigger the file size, the slower the mouse goes. seemingly useless but at least it is a start for us to feel again. the downside is, you have to put up with an almost extinct trackball mouse – well, at least for now.

the other interesting concept which i suppose most of us don’t mind having is a Hard Drive that expands or contracts depending on the amount of space used. pretty clever – at least we will have a feel when the drive is up to its brim. simply put, these concepts aim to put some feeling back to an otherwise cold digital world. don’t you think so? welcome back to the real world where we can feel again, albeit being a little too artificial. oh, also catch a couple of video of this living peripherals after the break.

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