Danton Arts Kustoms Hot Rod Jeep Wrangler

You see all sorts of custom Jeep, but I pretty damn sure hot rod isn’t in anyone’s dream, like ever. Yeah, yeah, I know. There are pretty crazy Jeep mods out there, including a drag racing monstrosity. However, nothing come close to this monstrosity created by French car customizer Danton Arts Kustoms for Harley-Davidson Valence France.

So, yeah, Danton Arts Kustoms chopped up a perfectly fine Jeep Wrangler and turned it into a Hot Rod Jeep Wrangler – complete with exposed V8 motor, the requisite protruding rear wheels, and topping off with a roll-up canvas roof. The result is pretty mind-blowing. I never knew the body of a Jeep – specifically a Wrangler – can look this good in hot rod form.

Instead of rigging it up to even more off-road capable, the Hot Rod Jeep Wrangler hugs the road like no other Jeep. Hell, it looks like it embraces the tarmac so closely that it is hardly hump-friendly, but like who cares if it looks this good, right?

As it turns out Danton Arts Kustoms has a thing for turning ordinary ride into a hot rod with its portfolio including a a hot rod Lamborghini, a hot rod Porsche – just to name a few.

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You can check out more of Danton Arts Kustoms’ works on its Instagram page, or learn more on what it does over at its official website.

Images: Danton Arts Kustoms.

Source: autoevolution.