DJI Tello Iron Man Edition Drone

You heard of Tello? No? Well, it is a drone made by Shenzhen-based Ryze Tech, powered by DJI and touts Intel technology, that mixes both imaging and fun play. The drone was introduced earlier this year, but now, Tello has a new Iron Man-themed edition. Called Tello Iron Man Edition, it is essentially the same Tello, but with a flashy shell inspired by Iron Man’s suit in hot rod red and gold colorway, complete with Arc Reactor slapped on it.

DJI Tello Iron Man Edition Drone

Sadly though, the Arc Reactor is merely a graphic. Ryze Tech could have at least embed an LED or something there to mimic the centerpiece of the suit. It does have rotor tips dipped in gold, though. The other selling point of this drone is the companion app, the Tello Hero app, that lets you interact with FRIDAY – Iron Man’s AI assistant that replaces JARVIS – to complete missions as you discover the drone’s capabilities.

DJI Tello Iron Man Edition Drone

Continuing on the fun department is the intelligent flight functions that lets you perform “heroic feats” like 360, Throw & Go, and 8D Flips to “save the day.” It has a HD FPV Camera that does 720p HD video transmission, 5 MP photos and bolstered by electronic image stabilization (EIS) and Intel processor.

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Beside imaging and fun, Tello Iron Man Edition is also kind of educational too – thanks to the support for Tello EDU app and Swift Playgrounds app, as well as Python and Scratch (that’s a visual programming language, btw), you can program the drone to fly and pull off maneuver like the billionaire superhero does.

Other features include up to 13 minutes of flight time per charge, Low Battery Protection, propeller guards, and a 100-meter (330 feet) range. So, yeah, it is not quite an imaging drone, but more of a fun, toy drone. That said, I guess the asking of price of $129 pretty much hinted already that. Keep going for the product promo video.

Images: Ryze Tech.

Source: SlashGear.