So far, we have not heard of China-based branded gaming headphones. I am sure there are quite a handful. Just that we are not aware of them. Here’s one brand called SOMiC that has been trying to break into the U.S. and international markets since a few years back. You may have seen headphones with the kitty ears decorating the headband (but not to be confused with Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones). Yeah, that’s SOMiC line of gaming headphones targeted at female gamers. However, we are not talk about those, though. We are here to talk about its latest offering, the SOMiC G805 Gaming Headset designed with FPS games in mind.

SOMiC G805 Gaming Headset for FPS Games

Sporting a classic aviator headset design, the SOMiC G805 boasts virtual 7.1 surround system, full-range 50 mm drivers with large-size moving coil unit, a sponge-filled adjustable headband, breathable protein leather wrapped ear cushions, and a removable, flexible 360-degree rotating boom microphone. Interestingly, the headphone offers three “professional modes” to cater to different use. The modes are video, audio and one dedicated to PUBG and LOL (presumably, it is League of Legends that we are talking about here). Wait a minute. Doesn’t that make it four modes? Perhaps, audio and video are one mode? Seriously, I am baffled.

Anywho, the sound modes can be selected with the in-line control box. The box is also where you will find the microphone volume and master volume control. It is worthy to note that the aforementioned virtual 7.1 surround is not built into the headphone; it is achieved by plugging the included USB audio control box. Though SOMiC emphasized that it does not require driver or whatsoever. If you are down, you can find SOMiC G805 Gaming Headset on SOMiC website selling for just $69.99 and in a choice of brown (more like Khaki), black and white.

SOMiC G805 Gaming Headset for FPS Games

Images: SOMiC.

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