If you have a home cinema room in your home, you’ll know just how important it is to create a dark environment so that you can get the best possible picture quality on your screen. If you’re struggling to create cinema-level darkness in your home theatre, UK-based retailer DotcomBlinds have launched a new product that will help you: their new ‘Total Blackout’ Cassette Blinds.

DotcomBlinds Home Cinema Cassette Blinds

Recently DotcomBlinds premiered their new range of ‘total Blackout Cassette Blinds’ which purportedly block out 100% of outside light from leaking in through windows in your home.

A representative from DotcomBlinds told us “While our standard Blackout blinds work well for bedroom settings, they’re not ideal for home cinema rooms as light can still leak in around the edges of the blind. This is why we’ve launched our new range of Total Blackout Cassette Blinds to create an authentic level of darkness for our customers with home cinemas that you’d only see in professional theatres.”

Unlike a normal blackout roller blind, these cassette blinds have a side channel and cassette system around the blind to prevent any light leakage. This system completely blocks out light from entering a room, as any light not blocked by the fabric is stopped by the cassette and side channel systems.

DotcomBlinds’ cassette blinds can be operated manually with a pull chain or by remote control with their electrified blinds system.

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This new cassette system for DotcomBlinds’ blackout blinds will set you back more money than a standard blackout blind, however, with prices starting at £117.60 for manually operated options and £448.70 for their remote-controlled options.

Despite the high price point of these cassette blinds, they are undeniably the best blinds you can use in a home cinema to create the ideal level of darkness for a cinema authentic feel in your home theatre.

DotcomBlinds Total Blackout Cassette Blinds are made to order and are currently available to order online through their website DotcomBlinds.com.

Images: DotcomBlinds.

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