You have heard of driving simulation, but have your heard of “real” racing and drift simulation… in 1:43 scale? Called DR!FT (that’s ‘Drift’ with the character “i” replaced with “!”) by Germany company Sturmkind GmbH, it is a marriage between a RC car and video game.

DR!FT 1:43 Scale Racing/Drift Simulation
Drift on your kitchen table!

It is detailed 1:43 scale app-controlled RC car. The details are not just in the model car; it is in its handling. DR!FT claimed to be the world’s first model car that performs with the same driving dynamics as a real race car. It supposedly simulates the complete physical of a real car.

In other words, it accelerates and handles exactly like its life-size counterparts, but with the ability to run just about everywhere.

A DR!FT 1:43 scale car has simulated mass of 1.6 tonnes (3,527 lbs) and boasts true-to-scale acceleration, realistic stopping distance, realistic top speed, and real driving dynamics like under or over steering, drift, spin, and body tilt when cornering.

DR!FT 1:43 Scale Racing/Drift Simulation

It is also capable of simulating all drive train, including rear- and front-wheel drive, as well as all-wheel drive. It even has model-dependent engine sound and simulated brake- and tire sounds too.

Like a real car, it is tune-able too. Through the app, you can setup your vehicle, tune the car, initial driving stability programs and choose different driving modes. As if that wasn’t enough, it has physical tuning accessories as well.

DR!FT was a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign from a few years back. The latest to join the DR!FT range was what prompted us to post this: the Classic Series. Ain’t the duo a beauty?

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While the original DR!FT 1:43 models are generic cars, the Classic Series are based on Germany’s most recognizable cars: the Mercedes-Benz !90 EVO 2 and the BMW E30 M3. Both models are available in its race form, the DTM edition.

If you want this new kind of racing experience, you have to prepare to splurge as this little guy isn’t cheap.

Prices start at 129.90 euros (US$141) for the basic DR!FT Racer with the new Classic Series costing upwards of 249.90 euros (or around US$272).

I love the idea, but TBH, I am skeptical about app-controlled stuff. Unlike RC cars with dedicated transmitter (or TX) which will always work as long the components are functioning, app-control toys are wholly at the mercy of the developers.

What I am trying to say is, it is OK if a branded name close shop for good, the toy can still be play with, but I can’t say the same any app-control toys. Don’t believe? Just ask Griffin Technology.

Images: Sturmkind GmbH.

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