Here’s quick news about the very anticipated phone from Nothing. A couple of days ago, Carl Pei’s startup Nothing “revealed” its first phone, Nothing phone (1). Well, Okay, it did not actually reveal the phone. But it was revealed that it will be revealed on Tuesday 12 July, 16:00 BST, which you will be able to watch online.

DropX Exclusive Auction of Nothing phone (1)

Though we do not have a real good look at the device and there weren’t any tech specs to go around, we do, however, have a peek at what the device. It will have a transparent back – just the Nothing earphones, “surfacing curved connections, full of warmth” and:

“Materials chosen with care. Made with 100% recycled aluminium. Industry-leading use of over 50% bio-plastic and recycled sources in the plastic components.”

DropX Exclusive Auction of Nothing phone (1)

You can sign up to watch on Nothing also invites you to experience it (the phone) first with the limited edition StockX drop. The first 100 units, serialized from 1 to 100, will be put up for bidding which will start on 21 June, 14:00 BST. Hit up StockX page HERE for the details.

Images: Nothing.

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