ECOSSE Moto Works announced its flagship FE Ti XX bike

ECOSSE Moto Works FE Ti XX 544x488px
(credit: ECOSSE Moto Works) ECOSSE Moto Works FE Ti XX | US$300,000.00 |

ECOSSE Moto Works is synonymous with exquisite two-wheelers that are built to the highest exacting standards. having shook the motorcycle world with the world’s most expensive motorcycle before, it is back with a new flagship model that also signals the end of The Heretic run. having been a bike repair tech (a short one, though), i have learnt to appreciate a well designed and quality crafted bike. unfortunately, ECOSSE does not have any more images other the two that i have posted here but i will keep digging for more. in place of images, here’s more information about the FE Ti XX: powered by a 2,409 cc billet engine and specially tuned intake system with an optimized air box, the FE Ti XX puts out an incredible 225 HP to its rear wheel. it also features a brand new, exposed carbon belt drive with hydraulic-clutch actuation which enables for a high torque clutch with less lever force and Grade-9 titanium pipes that has a ceramic, shot-peened finish.
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ride comfort comes in the form of Öhlins gas forks up front and Öhlins with titanium spring for the rear. finishing off the aesthetic department is a special carbon weave bodywork and Berluti-style seat. the Berluti-style seat was born out of the same luxe Italian leather that was used on the pair of boots that ECOSSE and Berluti collaborated on. if you know ECOSSE, then you would know it is the bike of choice for those who appreciates style and artistic component along with amazing attention to detail and not forgetting the insane performance numbers. the first batch of this fine bikes will be heading to China. accordingly to ECOSSE, one particular client will be taking delivery of the FE Ti XX without any fluids, understandably not as his ride but rather, as a sculpture in his home. this particular, fluid-less bike has a paint job in his daughter’s favorite color and named in her honor. isn’t she lucky?

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according to, the price for this fine carbon fiber example would be a cool $300,000.

ECOSSE Moto Works FE Ti XX 2 544x488px
(credit: ECOSSE Moto Works)

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