Alpine A4810 Concept Car by Students of IED

28 Master students studying Transportation Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) Design School in Turin were given the opportunity to design the next-generation vehicle for Alpine Motors and this is the result: The A4810, a futuristic two-seater supercar.

Alpine A4810 Concept Car by Students of IED

The A4810 combines the berlinette form with a drivetrain powered by hydrogen to result in a ‘super berlinette’ fit for the year 2035. Rightfully so because it certainly does not look like a traditional berlinette.

However, the drivetrain is not revealed. The reveal was all about the design as opposed to what are the features:

“While the engine and fuel tanks are built like those on a typical hypercar, the subtraction process is proof of strong innovation. The design alternates between empty and full spaces, giving the vehicle a lightweight look and aerodynamic features inspired by Formula 1 models. Furthermore, the A4810 Project by IED was tasked with bringing the brand to the cusp of the sports car category.”

Alpine A4810 Concept Car by Students of IED

Well, about the aero… the A4810 felt more closely linked to the WEC (World Endurance Championship) race cars, IMHO, which means it will probably not be considered for mass production. As a design study maybe. If you are keen, you may learn more about this fantasy ride HERE.

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All images courtesy of Alpine Motors.