What’s cooler than a BMX? Well, a BMX with pedal-assist, of course. And pedal-assist is what the EINS The Stealth Electric BMX Bike is rocking. The beauty of the EINS The Stealth Electric BMX Bike, IMHO, is it looks like a regular, classic freestyle BMX.

EINS The Stealth Electric BMX Bike

It is only upon closer observation that you will realize EINS The Stealth Electric BMX Bike actually has a motor, discretely integrated at the main drive sprocket. A 250W eMTB 70 lb-ft torque mid-drive motor, which promised responsive pedal-assist technology, is paired to a quick-release 36-volt 10-Ah battery (360 Wh), discretely hidden under the saddle.

The motor and battery offer the EINS The Stealth Electric BMX Bike a potential top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) and over 31 miles (50 kilometers) of range, and a maximum capacity of 330 lbs (150 kilograms). With regard to the top speed, it is worthy to note that the bike will be delivered with a digitally limited max speed of 20 mph (32 km/h). You how it is with regulations.

EINS The Stealth Electric BMX Bike

There is an LCD display on the handlebar that offers key data like battery status, speed, trip miles, and more, and selecting the assist level as well as setting the riding modes. All told there are 5 riding modes (pedal, eco, comfort, sport, and turbo).

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Other notables include a beautiful, hand-welded chrome-plated Chromoly steel frame in a mirror finish, handmade cruelty-free leather crash pad, and seat, 24-inch wheels, hydraulic disk brakes, and finally, it has tamper detection and GPS tracking via EINS Electric Bike App. The app also offers insight to ride stats including distance, pace, and more.

EINS The Stealth Electric BMX Bike

The EINS may be power-assisted, but it remains super lightweight at just 41 lbs (19 kilograms). This means it is as agile, if not more agile, than any BMX bike, capable of wheelies, bunny hops, 180s, 360s, and more.

But such awesomeness demands serious monetary investment. We are talking about a cool US$3,654 for a unit. But EINS is taking 45% off the retail price in the next 14 days or so during its pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo. At US$1,999, it is still pricey. However, if you have a friend or two, there is the 2- and 3-pack special where you get it cheaper per unit. Go check it out.

EINS The Stealth Electric BMX Bike

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Images: EINS.

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