It’s easy to see the appeal of motorhomes. You can essentially create your own portable haven to take almost anywhere you fancy with minimal hassle. But whether yours is top of the range or stripped down to the bare essentials, there are certain bits of equipment that can make your journeys more comfortable.

And with the UK experiencing a staycation boom this summer, you’ll have even more motivation to make yours the best accommodation around. Read up on some key essentials for your motorhome below.

Essentials For Kitting Out Your Motorhome
Image credit: Pixabay (Siggy Nowak).

Kitchen Equipment

Even if you plan to enjoy a takeaway or two, the chances are you’ll need at least some options for self-catering.  Pick up one or two kettles – one gas and one electric for when you’re on a powered site – and throw in enough plates, bowls and cutlery for meals and snacks throughout the day.

A washing up bowl, washing up liquid and tea towels will allow you to refresh your stock each day. Choosing collapsible or stackable items will help you out if storage space is limited.


Entertainment options will help to keep everyone happy on long road trips and quiet evenings. A deck of cards and basic board games might do if you want to keep things old school, though a small TV, tablet and even games console could come in handy too.

Try to pick sites that offer Wi-Fi if having internet connection would make everyone more at home.


In an ideal world your motorhome will perform admirably throughout every trip and never attract the attention of thieves. But disasters happen when traveling, so taking out comprehensive motorhome insurance will give you peace of mind.

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Features to look out for include personal effects cover for loss or damage to possessions, and windscreen cover to keep your motorhome roadworthy.

Air Conditioning and Heating

The British weather is famously changeable, so having effective means of temperature control is a must. The last thing you want is to be too hot or too cold to sleep and grumpy the next day as a result.

Most motorhomes come with air-conditioners and heaters installed. If this is the case, make sure yours are working correctly before hitting the road.

Roof-mounted Solar Panels

Part of the appeal of motorhomes is how they allow you to get out and enjoy remote locations in the countryside. Why not make the most of nature’s free resources while you’re at it?

Installing solar panels on your roof will help to power essentials like your engine, fridge, TV and lights and keep your battery charged up when stationary on site. The best systems move to follow the sun, which could be vital in the UK! 

Are you missing any of these key items? Add them to your shopping list to make your travels this summer as carefree as possible.

Featured Image: Pixabay (Jill Wellington).

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