Fancy some virtual skydiving with Google Earth?

Demo Slam Google Earth Skydiving 544px
(screenshot from YouTube video)

if you have always wanted to have a go with skydiving but lacks the nerve to do it then how about a less-risky Google Earth skydiving? all you need is to agree to be slung, while putting on the gear that looks like you are heading on to a real dive off a plane at 20,000 feet high is optional. we do advise safety google as a precautionary measure. to add to the realism, you can grab a group of others to throw some wind up against you for the effect of free falling down.

the above scenario was what a group of Japanese did, skydiving the Google Earth way. these guys rigged up a projector that projects the Google Earth down onto the floor and had two dudes slung above it while zooming the Google Map, simulating a freefall. much like a virtual skydiving stunt. pretty cool if you think about it. current indoor skydiving experience is cool, but if you can simulate the Earth down below – that would be way more awesome.

check out the video below. it’s pretty convincing except for the dudes’ shadow. well, there’s always room for improvement.

via Akihabara News

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