Coronavirus kills the holiday spirit and it continues to do so today. And with the threat of the even more Omicron variant, life ain’t’ going to be any easier than it was before. But COVID-19 isn’t going to stop this super bright Festive MINI Electric from going places.

Well, going places in the U.K., that is. A MINI Electric, wrapped in 2,000 smart LED lights by Twinkly, is currently taking part in a five-week tour of the U.K. to spread the festive cheer and raise money for three important charities, namely, MS Trust, Duchenne UK, and Alzheimer’s Society.

The Festive MINI Electric isn’t new. Though it made its first public appearance at The Lexicon Bracknell in Berkshire, on November 25th, the concept of a light-up MINI started three years ago when Nicholas ‘Nico’ Martin hand-wrapped his MINI in fairy lights and had it on display at his local town of Bracknell.

Festive MINI Electric Wrapped in 2000 Smart LED Lights

Then came the pandemic which kept people away from people and so in December 2020, Nico decided to bring the festivity to people’s doorsteps by touring the country with the lighted MINI in lieu of the lack of Christmas switch-on displays.

If you are in the U.K. and interested to find out the Festive MINI Electric is heading next, you may hit up You may also follow Nico’s journey on Instagram, and if you are in the capacity to drop some money, you can donate to Festive MINI’s cause HERE.

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Images: BWM Group.

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