Fingerprint Lock Vulnerability Exposed

Thinking of installing a fingerprint sensor door lock at your home? Well, you probably don’t want to after this. In a recent video, YouTube channel, LockPickingLawyer, highlighted a shockingly critical vulnerability of standalone fingerprint sensor door lock.

In the video, he “picked” open a HFeng Fingerprint Lock in like, literally one-second. I kid you not. It was that quick and easy.

As it turns out, most such locks use a magnetically-triggered relay to release the lock, As such, a reasonable powerful magnet placed outside of the fingerprint lock around where the relay might be, can actually influence the circuit and thus unlocking the lock. Now, that’s really a super yikes moment.

Fingerprint Lock Vulnerability Exposed
Show here is a keypad locking system that also has the magnetically-triggered relay.

I figured, most reputable makers should have known this obvious flaw and somehow ditched magnetically-triggered relay, or have some form of magnetic shield and such to eliminate this critical vulnerability.

But it is still worrisome as hell because, according to LockPickingLawyer, almost all such standalone fingerprint lock systems employ this magnetically-triggered relay. Holy shit… I think I will go with the good old keys and padlocks – shit load of them.

I am a gadget person, but trusting my security to electronic is something I yet have to convince myself to do and this dude just proven why I shouldn’t.

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Images: YouTube (LockPickingLawyer).