FUJITSU design award 2011 shortlisted entry: Tray

Tray Computer concept 544x428px
(credit: Robert & Matthew Swinton via Design Boom)

another shortlisted entry from the recent designboom competition, FUJITSU design award 2011, organized in collaboration with FUJITSU. this concept, entitled ‘Tray’, is the design of American designers Robert and Matthew Swinton and it is based on the modular concept where the tray serves as a convergence point for the various gadgets and peripherals that meet together to create a functional mobile computer.
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magnets are the key in holding these gadgets together, including alignment and holding of the screen against the base during transportation. the magnets also serves to hold the removable keyboard, touchpad and button-like flash memory in place, and they can be easily reconfigured to suit the user’s preferences. overall, this concept has a very neat and clean line design that at some point, gives it a very zen-like feel. perhaps, it is the tray’s close resemblance to the incense tray used for aroma therapy that gives it a smoothing and calm feel? whatever it is. it is definitely a feel-good computer.

images horizontal 544x38px

Tray Computer concept 600x800px Tray Computer concept 600x800px Tray Computer concept 600x800px

via ‘tray’ by robert + matthew swinton – ‘FUJITSU design award 2011’ shortlisted entry

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