so you have the baddest off-road ride on earth, but ask yourself this: does the interior have the same badass look as the outside? probably not and that’s why there are the G.E.A.R Seat Covers by Smittybilt to have that covered. the G.E.A.R Seat Covers by Smittybilt are plush car seat covers that comes with a slew of pockets and storage compartments that will make your seats look like fully-loaded combat soldiers. made from 600 denier polyester with a PVC liner, the seat covers come equipped with integrated MOLLE (aka Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), along with Pals Restraint System, that allows you to configure, so to speak, the seat cover with myriad of different pouches in accordance to your storage needs.

“standard issue” comes with five assorted pouches and the G.E.A.R Seat Covers by Smittybilt are available in a few very manly colors, namely, coyote tan (sometimes referred to as ‘sand’), camouflage, O.D. green, as well as the obligatory black, so that you sweet off-roader will look the part both inside and out. doing all that while gaining a whole lot of storage compartments. you can get yours for $99.99 and up. and oh, it is design to fit different vehicles, so make sure you get your year/make/model of your four-wheeler right. check it out. we think this is the coolest thing you could do to an off-road vehicle’s interior.

G.E.A.R Seat Covers by Smittybilt

Smittybilt via Cool Material

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