Handpresso Auto – espresso maker for the car

Handpresso Auto
Handpresso Auto | €149.00 | www.handpresso.com

whether you are a serious caffeine addict or simply hate the espresso serves up by the highway rest point convenience stores, the Handpresso Auto should be a welcome addition to your car. as the name implies, it is an espresso machine made for use in your car, which espresso-lovers should already know what this means: espresso as and when you want or need it, no matter where you are driving to. designed to fit the cup holder in your car, this compact espresso machine draws its juice from your car’s 12V plug and pumps out pipping hot brew with its 16-bar pressure espresso brewing system. simply add water and your favorite coffee pod, hit the button and you will be getting your caffeine hit in just 2 minutes. the Handpresso Auto can be yours for €149 or about US$199, based on the current going rate. food for thought: why isn’t it named ‘autopresso’ instead? well, it’s just a thought…

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