Here’s how to make your bathroom even smaller to fit into tiny spaces and in process, uncluttering it, without sacrificing functionality. You know how folding bed and desk helped to increase usable space in tiny spaces? Well, the Hidealoo hide away toilet and shower system are the equivalent for bathrooms. The concept is simple. Stowaway the toilet and basin when you don’t need it and you got yourself the space you need.

Hidealoo Hide Away Toilet

Hidealoo is essentially a wall hung style pan that swivels out of sight when you don’t need it. Altogether, there are three types of Hidealoo: The StandAlone, Discretionary Unit, and The Showerloo. The StandAlone features a Hidealoo integrated under a functional sink. Interestingly, The StandAlone also features a clever water recycling system where the use water from the sink will go directly to the reservoir of the loo. Clever.

As for the Discretionary Unit, it is basically the same as The StandAlone, but without the sink while the Showerloo is, as the name implies, a shower-focused setup. Showerloo also features Hidealoo overhanging swivel toilet, plus a drawer-style basin system. By stowing away the sink and the toilet, it offers you an unhindered shower space.

Hidealoo is not a concept, btw. It is real and it is available to anyone who is willing to drop the money. Obviously, the price varies from home-to-home and so, as per Hidealoo’s website, prices for a Hidealoo system is ‘Price on Application’, or ‘Price on Request’, as some calls it. Keep going for a couple of demo videos.

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Images: Hidealoo.

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