Holga iPhone Lens. there’s a hardware for that too

Holga iPhone Lens
(image: Photojojo) Holga iPhone Lens | US$30.00 | photojojo.com

there is no lack of lo-fi photography effect app for iPhone but what’s the fun of it when you don’t have some lenses to fiddle with? that’s exactly what the Holga iPhone Lens is about. it is an iPhone case equipped with a rotating disk that has 9 different lenses, including dual image lens, color filters and holga hole, to satisfy your Holga addiction. the best part is, unlike film camera, you can frame your shot on the high resolution iPhone screen, preview your effect and fire away. as a bonus, while you are not out on your iPhonegraphy spree, the Holga iPhone Lens actually doubles as a pretty cool case – albeit adding a tiny amount of bulk to your iPhone. the Holga iPhone Lens cost $30 a pop and is available Photojojo web store. check out a few more look after the break.

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