How To Easily Brighten A Room

Interior design is a subjective art. This means that no two homes will be the same, and much of the design choices we make will be determined by our own personal tastes and preferences.

However, balancing form and function is a core principle of interior design. It doesn’t matter how good your home looks; it will count for nothing if it’s not practical. Brightness can be played with when designing your home, but your interior spaces should always be lit enough for you to see what you’re doing. If you find that a room in your home is too dull, check out these tips on how to easily brighten it.

Install Larger Windows

This might sound obvious, but installing larger windows can be the most effective way of brightening a room. The bigger your windows are, the more natural light they’re going to let in, and previously dull rooms will be brought to life and flooded with sunlight. Artificial lights are essential, and no home can do without them, but they’re no substitute for natural light, which has long been known to offer us a range of physical and mental health benefits.

Roof windows and skylights can work brilliantly and will let in light throughout the day. Visit a builders merchants Belfast to see what kind of roof windows they have on offer.

Add More Lighting

Again, this step might sound obvious, but the simplest solutions tend to be the most effective. However, don’t simply fill your room with as many lamps and lights as you possibly can, as this can actually make it too bright. A room that’s too bright is just as bad, if not worse than a room that isn’t bright enough. It can hurt our eyes and cause headaches.

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Instead, choose one extra light to begin with, such as a floor lamp. Introduce this to the space and get used to it before you decide if you need to add any additional lighting. You might find that one well-placed floor or table lamp is all that you need to brighten your room, or you may need to add some extra lighting to properly illuminate your space.

Change The Colour Scheme

If you don’t want to install new windows or add additional lighting, changing your room’s color scheme can be an effective way of brightening the space.

If your room has dark walls, navy or black, for example, this is going to make the space appear darker straight away. These tones do not reflect light well, and your space will appear dim and shadowy.

If you want to brighten your room easily, changing up the color scheme is the way to go. Try bright colors and tones like whites and creams. These are reflective and will send light bouncing around the room, keeping it bright and well-illuminated.


Last up on our list of tips for easily making a room appear brighter is mirrors. Mirrors reflect light well and can help make the most of the light you have in a space. They’re so effective, in fact, that adding mirrors around a room can make it feel like you’ve added more lights.

Another added bonus of mirrors is that they can make your room appear bigger. It’s often smaller rooms that struggle with dullness, so adding mirrors will have a two-pronged effect; they won’t just make your room appear brighter, but they’ll make it feel bigger and more spacious as well.

Install larger windows, add more lighting, change up the colour scheme, and make use of mirrors to easily brighten a dark, dull room in your home.

Featured photo by Jeroen van Pelt on Unsplash.