long for some high-end headphone action, but lack of the dough for an astronomically priced audio cans? then you should seriously consider scoring yourself the iFi micro iCAN Headphone Amp. packed within its compact 158 x 68 x 28 millimeter chassis is a Class A TubeState amplifier, featuring a unique ‘tri-brid’ circuitry that blends the best of tube and transistor amplifiers. other highlights include 3D HolographicSound system for a high-end 3D sound field, XBass sound enhancement system for the deepest bass regardless of what headphones you use, and last but not least, there’s iFi DirectDrive technology offering 400mW headphone output with lower distortion as compared to some of the USB-powered audio devices.

to put things in perspective, an Apple MacBook Air puts out 43mW, while an Apple iPod touch gives you a mere 15mW of audio output. so in retrospect, the iFi micro iCan Headphone Amp is up to 27 times more powerful than your Apple small devices and 9 times more powerful than your MacBook Air, which pretty much gives you lots of power to spare. if that’s not music to your ears, we really don’t know what is, well, except maybe for the high initial outlay of around $249 which may not sound just as sweet. then again, what’s 250 bucks compared to a thousand dollar cans? click through for a few more look, or if you are ready to grab one, head on down to iFi Audio website for a list of authorized retailers around the world.

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