the Samsung GALAXY S4 is the latest flagship Android handset from the Korean electronics giant. for those non-fanatics who are still adopting the wait-and-see approach to see how the phone will perform in the eyes of reviewers, then good news for you because those all important opinions from the industry’s best and pro-users are slowly making their way onto the Internet. we have took the liberty to roundup some of those second opinions so that you don’t have to spend precious time digging through the ocean of information. so here’s our list of the Samsung GALAXY S4 review roundup:

The Galaxy S4 is a great, great device in its own right, re-inventing what it means to own a brilliant smartphone in a number of waysTechRadar

Even though the Galaxy S4 looks much like the model it replaces, this phone is a big step up thanks to the innovative software features and functions that Samsung has integratedGIGAOM

The Galaxy S4 is a very good phone in most respects – it has a stellar camera… an impressively useful complement of software features. it’s a technological achievement – there’s no question about thatThe Verge

Samsung took every aspect of a successful device and gently tweaked them to make it betterTECHSPOT

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is everything we expected it to be: a stellar combination of hardware and software that builds upon the already framework built by previous entries in the Galaxy lineup.Phandroid

Its (the Galaxy S4) similarities in form and style to the Galaxy S3 give us pause in recommending it as an upgrade though. Despite the software enhancements, it seems awfully, awfully similar.TechnoBuffalo

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The Galaxy S4 features are impressive – there’s no denying it. But very few of them work perfectly enough for it to feel natural.TechCrunch

HTC One aside, the S4 would be the best Android phone out there, but as things stand, it’s a very strong second place.” – Gizmodo Australia

With its powerful features and forward-thinking software innovations, the Galaxy S4 deserves our ranking of 4.5 stars.Gotta Be Mobile

… a solid phone just shy of greatnessVentureBeat

after spending a couple of hours going through a number reviews, we can safely conclude that the Samsung GALAXY S4 is indeed an awesome phone with excellency in the software department, but the latter is also where things get a little ‘too complicated’ and more so, if you are into ‘simplicity of functionality’. also, the design is definitely one huge let down if style is something that matters to you. then again, what do we all expect when it is still the same plastic treatment? if software enhancements take the major pluses of this phone, then we suppose we have to concur with some reviewers that it is not the handset for those looking to upgrade from S3. personally, i might have taken the leap if not for a less-than-impressive design (especially after having experienced the beautiful HTC One‘s brilliant hardware design). putting the software aspect aside and with little major hardware enhancements, it takes a truly neat hardware design to get people like us going. it may be a crowd pleaser for now, but once consumers get a taste of what true industrial design is in the likes of the HTC One, things might just turn out differently for the Korean electronics juggernaut.

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