ikelite – now even expensive camera can also go underwater

ikelite underwater system 544x338px
(image credit: ikelite) ikelite underwater system | US$1,400.00 | www.ikelite.com

on contrary to the image above, ikelite is not a camera but it is a camera casing (or enclosure) that enables you to bring your expensive digital camera down into the blue for up to 200-feet (60-meters). the heavy duty polycarbonate case is shaped to the camera and keeps water out using ikelite’s Quad-Ring seal glands. like an actual professional underwater camera, the housing offers a pair of handles located on either side of the housing with easy access to zoom control and recording button. apart from the aforementioned control, ikelite also allows access to every aspect of the camera function with the exception of the diopter adjustment dial.
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with its clear construction, user can easily view their camera’s large LCD display via the back of the housing while the camera viewfinder’s visibility is optimized for use with dive mask on, thanks to the ‘Super-Eye magnifier’. with such a beautiful and functional system, naturally, it won’t be cheap. the ikelite underwater system carries a MSRP of $1,400 and that’s without the required lens port, which is sold separately and can cost anything from $200 and up. with the advancement made in DSLR cameras, it will be a shame if you can’t use it to capture the glorious underwater scenery. though i am not so sure about DSLR’s performance for underwater photography or videography.

ikelite underwater system 544x298px

ikelite underwater system 544x298px

ikelite underwater system 544x408px

ikelite underwater system 544x378px

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