iPhone is expensive but would you pay $270 to protect it?

Valextra Leather iPhone 4 Case 544x568px
(credit: Valextra) Valextra Leather iPhone 4 Case | £166.67 | www.mrporter.com

many people says iPhone is pricey or overly priced but if you own such an ‘expensive’ gadget, would you pay £166.67 (about US$270) to protect it from the bumps and knocks through your daily use? i guess it is to each their own. however, if you are feeling rich and love the feel of rich brown leather encasing your iPhone 4, perhaps the Valextra Leather iPhone 4 Case may of interest to you. this luxurious case features a flap front, magnetic top closure and the necessary cutouts for access to the iPhone’s buttons. this leather case is hand crafted from the finest leather by Italian craftsmans that have acquired their skills from generations of craftsman before them, so you would expect nothing less from Valextra and hence the price tag of £166.67. so do we really need such as a luxurious case for a smartphone? it depends. the choice is yours but you can’t deny that the case looks pretty awesome.
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