CÉLINE iPad Case Box: the world’s most expensive iPad case

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some people love to show off their iPad either in their factory naked form or for the rich, blinged with the wholesome goodness of gold, platinum, crystals or whatever. however there are those who chose the path most taken – protecting their iPad from the knocks and bumps. i, for one, belongs to the latter category. if you prefer the ‘protection’ path, you can still be in the game of luxury with this CÉLINE iPad Case Box but instead of all bling up, this item goes on craftsmanship, fine leather and of course, the reputation of CÉLINE.
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unveiled in the recent CÉLINE Fall/Winter 2011 Collection, the minimalist iPad Case Box is crafted in Italy from smooth, high quality leather. the case has two compartments within: one for your documents and business cards while the opposing padded case for your iPad. gold hardware and CÉLINE gold branding stamped on the front completes the luxurious iPad Case Box. the CÉLINE iPad Case Box is touted to be the most expensive iPad in the market to date at an incredible $24,000 HKD (about US$3,087) and i thought the Valextra Leather iPhone case was pricey.

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