Lift Garage Malfunctioned Crushed Car

Underground electric garages are cool. It makes you feel a little James Bondish while having an extra parking space in a space starved compound, but that is until this happen. What you see here was a freak accident where an underground electric garage went berserk and crushed the roof of a Jeep park atop. Apparently, there was a flood below ground, shorting out the control unit which then triggered the lifting with the Jeep still up top. No thanks to the thoughtful overhang there, the roof of that lovely Jeep Wrangler was completely destroyed.

Since there was a flood underground and more often than not, the control unit was mounted midway height, it is safe to assume the Subaru parked in it was also soaked to some extend before it was lifted partway. As you can see, the Subaru (looks like a Legacy/Liberty?) couldn’t get out either because the lift could not elevate all the way due to the Jeep and the overhang. Speaking of the overhang, apparently, the house was damaged too. Now, that’s nasty. I wonder if the insurance will cover the damages to both cars and the house?

I mean, the damages were the indirect result of flooding which is considered an “act of God” which, more often than not, is not covered by insurance of any kind. I don’t know. I could be wrong. This lone image was posted on Reddit by Redditor u/Aoibh120. According to u/Aoibh120 who posted the image, the photo was sent to his family by a friend who was the victim of this freak accident.

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Morale of the story? Do not build an underground electric garage under an overhang, any overhang. We wish the victim best of luck in claiming the damages. Wait, can he/she claim from the manufacturer of the underground electric garage? Just a thought there…

Here’s another perspective of the aftermath if you care to see:

Image: Reddit (u/Aoibh120).

Source: Ubergizmo.