Cafe for pet lovers are not new. There’s the cat cafe, dog cafe and even cafe dedicated to goats and snakes, but fishes? Well, that is unheard of until now. Meet Amix Coffee, the world’s first and only cafe where you have fishes accompanying in while you sip on your favorite cup of joe. And mind you. Those fishes, big and small, aren’t holed up in fish tanks; they are swimming around your feet, on the cafe’s floor. Don’t worry. Piranha is not part of these schools of fishes, so your feet will be perfectly safe; these aquatic animals are harmless ornamental fishes.

Amix Coffee Pet Fishes Cafe In Vietnam

This unique cafe where footwear is forbidden is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and it boasts two floors, each flooded with water up to 25 centimeters (about 9.84 inches) deep for countless aquatic animals to roam around – all in the midst of people moving around. I imagine drinking coffee in Amix Coffee would equate to sitting in a pond sipping on a caffeinated beverage. I also imagine you will never have to walk this carefully in your life because, with the number of fishes in there, you would have to try hard enough not to step on any lovely fish.

Amix Coffee Pet Fishes Cafe In Vietnam

Obviously, footwear is not allow in this one of a kind cafe – for the good both the fishes that have put up with your sticky feet and also for the good of your precious kicks. Not only footwear aren’t allow; patrons are expected to clean their feet before stepping in. All told, about 10,000 liters (roughly 2,642 gallons) of water were used to flood the two floors. To ensure a crystal clear water at all times (so you won’t feel like wading through Mekong river), a triple filtration system and pumps are installed to clean and change the water.

Amix Coffee Pet Fishes Cafe In Vietnam

While steps are taken to ensure a sanitary environment for the fishes, the cafe can’t stop nasty patrons who chose to go after the fishes instead of snacking on cakes. According a report, when this happens, the cafe will have to ask the patrons to take off. The concept though cool, is bound to draw flaks. I mean, seriously, it don’t take a genius to figure out that this mingle with fishes idea will somehow put stress on the fishes. Then again, how would I know what fishes think, right? One think for sure is, I would not want the stress of stepping on fishes when having my cuppa.

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Anyways, you do you if you fancy such an experience. Speaking of which… in the event you do want to have a go at this bizarre cafe and you are in and around Vietnam, you can find it at 228 Phạm Văn Hai, Phường 5, Quận Tân Bình, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Amix Coffee Pet Fishes Cafe In Vietnam
Amix Coffee Pet Fishes Cafe In Vietnam

Images: Facebook (Amix Coffee).

Source: Oddity Central.

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