People enjoy their birthdays as they receive several gifts from close friends and family. However, choosing a gift for someone can be tricky and frustrating. You may never know if they already own the item you want to get for them or if they will like it.

Fortunately, a gift basket is perfect as a birthday gift, especially if you know that person well. You can design the gift basket with a theme of their favorite movie or hobby; you can pamper them with a voucher for a spa. If you want to give someone a gift basket for their birthday, here is a list of items that you can put in the basket.

List Of Things To Put In A Birthday Gift Basket

Gift Card

No gift basket should be without a gift card. Pamper them with a spa gift card to spend a day with their significant other, or include in the gift basket a movie gift card, shopping gift cards from retail stores, or a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Gift cards give you and your friend flexibility on how and when to use them.

Customized Shirt

Shirts make great gifts for people of all ages and tastes. For those who love to dress up, consider a monogrammed shirt with their initials. For people who prefer a more relaxed look, try a shirt with their favorite sports team’s logo. For bold and adventurous types, designs like those seen at would be a great choice. Ditch the generic gifts this year and go for something personal, because a customized shirt is sure to make a lasting impression.

Skincare Products

These products are not only for women; some men also care about their skin. Lotions and creams for skin will make sure that your friend will have healthy and smooth skin. To clear any confusion, you should put these products in the gift basket only if you know they use such products.

Liquor and Beer

What is a birthday party without a bottle of liquor? If your friend likes a certain kind of liquor such as Vodka or Whiskey, you can add a bottle of their favorite liquor in the basket. For people who like to relax after a long day, a bottle of wine will help them enjoy their night. For sports fans, give them a pack of premium beer to drink while watching their favorite team.

Car Care Kit

We all have that one friend who has a huge passion for cars. If your friend owns a car that they’re obsessed with, then a kit for car care will be the perfect gift for them. There are tons of gift boxes for men that contain car care kits. You can also add a car accessory that you know they want, such as a phone holder.

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Food and Sweets

If you put many gifts in the basket and it still looks empty, you can add some food that they enjoy such as cheese for cheese lovers. Chocolates are welcomed by almost everyone (unless they are allergic), and coffee lovers will love an assembly of their favorite coffee brands.

Cookies, honey, tea, wafers, and much more can be added to your gift basket to make it look full and impressive. Don’t forget about candy; they can have it while watching a movie or when they want to cheer up.

Grilling Essentials

If your friend is someone that loves to grill every Sunday morning, then a basket full of grilling essentials will put a smile on his face. You can put BBQ grill tools, sauces, cooking spray, or seasonings in the basket that will enhance their grill experience and they will remember you every time they use these gifts.

Pet Supplies

If you want to give a gift basket to a pet parent, then you have to put any kind of pet supplies in the basket. You can include a pet toy so they can play fetch with their dog, pet grooming supplies, treats for the good boy/girl in their house, or pet food to ensure that their pet will stay full and happy.

List Of Things To Put In A Birthday Gift Basket

Sports Theme Gifts

Sports fans love their sports-themed gifts. A scarf with their team’s logo on it, a mug, or any sport-themed gifts are perfect for them, and they will use such gifts all the time. If they are actively involved in sports themselves, you can get them sport-related items such as a basketball, soccer ball, baseball cap, golf shirt, or any item you might think of.

The basket itself can be creative as it doesn’t have to be a traditional basket. It can be a jar or a bucket, but the important thing is that it looks nice. Make sure to put basket filler to give the basket a nice look. You can use paper shreds as a basket filler, and use colored paper to style it and match it with the general theme of the gift basket. If you are wondering whether to get a big or a small basket, then you should opt for a small one and make sure it is filled to the brim.

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