no offense to the poor Gollum, but that creature is one heck an ugly bitch. despite that, it turns out to be the most lovable character throughout the big screen trilogy. well, at least he is way lovable than the other two ring-obsessed Hobbit characters, namely Bilbo and the forever-staring-into-space, hopeless emo dude, Frodo. uhmm, you know which movie we are referring to, right? in case you don’t, we are talking about The Lord Of The Rings. and the truth be told, Gollum is sort of the icon of this modern movie masterpiece and which is why this creature deserves a space in your pad. if we are on the same page here, then the good news is, you can actually bring home a life-size Gollum statue in exchange for $3000 of your monies.

this opportunity comes courtesy of Weta Workshop, the New Zealand-based special effect company behind The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. made of fiberglass, this Gollum statue was sculpted by Weta Workshop sculptors and created by the same folks behind The Lord Of The Rings and therefore, you can expect exacting standards with details that are accurate to the tee. the statue depicts the ill-fated creature crouched, perching on a rock with his meal in his hand, and stands 3′ 6″ tall and over 4′ 5″ with the rock structure. available in limited number, though not specified, the The Lord Of The Rings: Life-size Gollum Statue is available as built-to-order with the first production run to be ship in March/April 2014.

Weta via Mighty Mega

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